Company dynamics

The Quality Engineering Department strictly controls quality, and Yutianren insists on providing customers with high-quality silicone rubber products

  Dongguan Yutian has been established in the field of silicone rubber extrusion for many years, and has established a good brand effect during the period of providing customers with high-quality silicone products, which are naturally inseparable from our quality engineers. It is their persistence in obscurity that has given us Yutian people our own unique advantages in this harsh competitive environment. We cannot forget their efforts just to make our silicone tubes, silicone strips and other extruded products have perfect quality.
  In order to improve the quality of silicone tubes , silicone strips and other products, the company has introduced a secondary element (mainly testing the inner and outer diameter, width, thickness, etc.) and hardness tester (testing the hardness of silicone rubber) At present, the hardness of silica gel is 30~70A/C, which can be tested), stretching machine (testing the tensile performance of silica gel Mpa can provide paper report), vulcanization instrument (detecting the deformation of silica gel during vulcanization), blasting instrument (testing silica gel weaving Burst pressure of pipes and other products to withstand pressure) and other instruments and equipment, only to provide customers with the best quality service.
  Our company has a group of high-quality, responsible and experienced quality personnel, and has also established a complete quality process service. The quality inspection of incoming materials and the inspection of incoming auxiliary materials are all monitored by professional quality personnel. In addition, during the production process, there are patrol inspections and spot checks at any time. The first piece of product extrusion must be tested by a quality engineer to pass the test and submitted to the quality manager for signature confirmation before mass production. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a defective product and will not be shipped. , Even if the quality personnel need 20 minutes to inspect the product during the production process, if there is any defective product, stop the machine immediately for inspection before continuing to make goods. Because our Yutian company regards quality as the cornerstone of the enterprise, we must strictly control the quality at all costs.
  Why Yutian's silicone tubes and silicone stripsCan products have a good reputation? It is their quality personnel who carefully care for every meter of products with their dark faces, weak bodies, and hands full of wounds. It is they who have used their solid arms to push the train of Yutian Company to run at high speed for many years. They use their own Slight fluorescence tries to illuminate the somewhat dark Danxia. For this, my client! ! Please cherish this hard-won product. It may be just a product for you. It cannot move, jump, or talk, and it brings you value. But, my client! Please remember that this is how many processes have been paid during the crystallization of our silicone products. But how much can we know? Here, my client! Please give us a thumbs up for our quality personnel and products (silicone tubes, silicone strips). devil

Working diagram of Yutian quality personnel: Yutian quality personnel will test peristaltic pump silicone tube inspection flow chart for silicone tubes, silicone strips and other silicone extruded products . Two-dimensional instrument working diagram: