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Appearance and distinguishing method of platinum silicone foam tube

  First of all, the first generation of silicone foam tubes is mainly used in bicycle handle grips, sports equipment, fishing tackle grips and other industries. The main performance and appearance description of the product is: the surface is slightly dumb (the surface is a little grainy and foggy) as shown in the figure Shown:    After polishing the skin of the first generation of silicone foam tubes, it can be found that there are obvious bubbles one by one, all of which can also play a waterproof role when placed in water, will not absorb water, and will not have any pungent Smell (platinum vulcanized foaming system), this type of foaming (traditional silica gel 1.2 density, through foaming agent to foam silica gel into various densities) density is generally high (above 0.6) density is too low Cannot be molded or deformed. From the perspective of production, it is more difficult and the scrap rate is relatively high. This will lead to a relatively high unit price of the first generation of platinum silicone foam tubes, so the products used are relatively few and the market is relatively rare. There will be foam holes after polishing. The important features of the appearance of the first generation of silicone foam tube. Yutian Silicone