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What is the size of the neon silicone strip on the cabinet?

  Cabinet neon silicone strips are a general term and are generally divided into several types, such as wine cabinet neon light silicone strips, laminate light neon silicone strips, external light silicone strips, skirting line neon silicone strips, etc., all of which can be called For the cabinet series neon silicone strips, they all need to be embedded with different aluminum materials! The advantage of this is that its size can be managed uniformly and standardizedly! From another point of view, the main purpose of the cabinet neon silicone strip is not entirely for lighting, but more for embellishment!

  Therefore, the size limited by its use can be thought of as the same size, that is, 4*8mm, luminous surface 4mm, depth 8mm, which is also suitable for the installation of most aluminum profiles and the cabinet neon silicone strip is mainly for indoor use. The size of the board is mainly in the form of a half sleeve, that is, the board is glued to the aluminum profile with double-sided adhesive technology, and then the neon silicone strip is stuck on the aluminum profile. The silicone has proper positive and negative tolerances. It can be controlled by the shrinkage ratio of the silicone, so even if the aluminum profile has positive and negative tolerances, as long as the gap is not very large, the fixed size of the cabinet neon silicone strip can be used, so that the cabinet neon silicone strip 4* The size of 8mm has gradually been recognized by the market, and now it has gradually formed market regular products and standard products.