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Why is the silicone tube of a dental cleaner called a strong straw or a weak straw?

The silicone tube   of toothwashing machine is the name of silicone extrusion manufacturers for toothwashing machine manufacturers, but toothwashing machine manufacturers cannot call it that way. In order to facilitate the use of their toothwashing machine, each silicone tube has a different use. Some are Water guide, some are air guide, etc. In order for dentists or hospitals to correctly distinguish the use of each silicone tube, most manufacturers also call silicone tubes strong straws and weak straws! Generally, silicone tubes used as pipelines are nothing more than three functions: air conduction, water conduction, and sealing, while the silicone tubes of dental cleaning machines occupy two different roles. At this time, some people may think why not use different colors of silicone tubes for teeth cleaning machines to distinguish different uses? Because the scaler belongs to a special field of equipment, it is easy to have too many colors and too gorgeous to cause the user's resistance. If you can't use bright colors to distinguish it, only the verbal title is changed, so there is a use of one color. The silicone tubes of dental cleaning machines with different functions are called strong straws and weak straws because users want to distinguish them. Silicone tubing for toothwashing machines has the characteristics of pressure resistance, food grade and flexibility, and can transmit water, gas, and cleaning in end use. Combining these characteristics and functions, silicone tubing for toothwashing machines is becoming more and more widely used!
Why is the silicone tube of the teeth cleaning machine called a strong straw and a weak straw? (Dongguan Yutian original article, please do not plagiarize, thank you)

  So what are the functions of the strong and weak straws in the silicone tube of the dental cleaning machine? People who have cleaned their teeth have such an experience. After the drill bit grinds the residue on the teeth, it will be rinsed, and the pipeline that conducts the rinsed object It is the silicone tube, because these silicone tubes are used in toothwashing machines, they are called toothwashing machine silicone tubes in the circle! During the cleaning process, the teeth will be finely and repeatedly ground and cleaned. When encountering relatively sharp residues or residues in the gaps between the teeth, it is impossible to grind the teeth at this time, you need to use a strong silicone straw to flush them out with air pressure and water. At this time, the strong The straw will contain compressed gas and liquid to clean your teeth! The weak straw is a pipe with a relatively high frequency of use. In the silicone tube of the teeth cleaning machine, it is also required to be resistant to bending and aging. Use because it is necessary to ensure that the grinding head of the scaling machine must have water supply to lubricate the teeth at all times. In order to have water supply all the time, the requirements for its bending resistance are relatively high. , and the weak straw does not need to have air pressure, it just plays a drainage role!