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Which is the better waterproof effect between food grade foam silicone strips and silicone strips

  The waterproof level is also called structural waterproof, which refers to a link that requires multiple structural parts to cooperate with each other. It is impossible to meet the requirements only by relying on one structural part of the food-grade silicone foam strip for waterproofing, but food-grade The foamed silicone strip plays an important role in the whole structure. The silicone itself adopts closed-cell foam, which means that the silicone is a material that can be sealed by itself. In actual use, some other structural cooperation is required. use together!

  At present, the recognized waterproof grades include IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, etc., and the food-grade silicone foam strip can theoretically reach the IP68 level after testing if the waterproof structure is intact. The water resistance of the strip can reach the level of IP67. In the silicone sealing performance, the sealing and waterproof effect of the food-grade foamed silica gel strip process is higher than that of the non-foaming process, because the foamed silica gel strip dilutes its own density of 1.2 and has a lower hardness. The performance has also been improved, so the sealing effect of the foaming process is more significant in the silicone sealing products! Therefore, as long as there is no problem in the structural design of products using food-grade foamed silicone strips, the waterproof effect is higher than that of silicone strips! The silicone strip is a relatively traditional process, and its density is fixed at about 1.2, which means that the hardness is also high, which means that it is relatively stiff when used with structural parts. Compared with food-grade silicone foam strips, the sealing effect is slightly worse. sex! How do you understand that the foamed silicone strip is like a sponge that can be wrapped, and the two protruding parts can be wrapped in reverse and add a seal, while the silicone strip is made of non-foaming technology, and the waterproof seal depends on it. The contact surface is waterproof, so most of the waterproof grade of the silicone strip stays at IP67!