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What is the situation where the eccentricity of the silicone tube causes uneven wall thickness of the hose?

  If it's just an ordinary silicone tube , if the eccentric wall thickness is uneven, then it can't be that the silicone tube manufacturer wants faster production efficiency. The pressure is not adapted, which will easily lead to uneven extrusion force at the die mouth, that is, the extrusion condition of the silicone tube has not reached a balance point, so the produced silicone tube is very easy to be eccentric, and it may also be due to the extrusion speed. Or this kind of problem may also occur when the extrusion pressure is slow, or the operator wrongly estimated the wall thickness of the silicone tube and the speed of the vulcanization conveyor belt in the post-drying tunnel. In summary, the eccentric wall thickness of the silicone tube appears in the former. The probability of unevenness is high, and it is not complicated to solve the problem of eccentricity of the silicone tube. It is only necessary to adjust the extrusion pressure of the extruder or the threaded rod to the balance point.
  There are also some special types of products, which belong to large-diameter thin-walled silicone tubes or thick-walled silicone tubes. Why this kind of silicone tubes are prone to eccentric and uneven wall thickness is because the diameter is large and the wall thickness is very thin, such as silicone aeration. Tube diaphragm, large-diameter silicone tube, such products, the mold needs to be opened according to the size, and the size of the outer mold and the inner mold are very close, so that when the machine is extruding, the raw material is pushed to the mold mouth through the threaded rod. At present, silicone is a product that has not been vulcanized (that is, it has not been finalized), because the extrusion speed of this large-diameter silicone tube has to be slowed down and cannot be accelerated like normal silicone tubes, so this makes it impossible for many operators. Controlling the extrusion pressure and the advancing speed of the threaded rod leads to inconsistent wall thicknesses of the left and right sides of the large-diameter silicone tube. This kind of product is a waste of manpower and requires multiple adjustments to the machine, and the balance point of the silicone tube is very difficult to find. It needs to waste a lot of materials to confirm it, and extrusion manufacturers are quite disgusted with this type of silicone tube. Therefore, it is very easy to produce such a relatively unique silicone tube extrusion product with uneven wall thickness and eccentricity.
As shown in the figure below (silicone tube eccentric physical picture)
  In summary, it is mainly divided into two categories, one is caused by the carelessness of the operator or the extrusion manufacturer, and the other is some special products that are prone to problems due to technical limitations. The problem of eccentric thin-wall extrusion such as silicone tubes is It often occurs, but as long as the manufacturer is careful, strictly controls, and maintains the original intention, these are not problems. Dongguan Yutian, as a company with more than 20 years of production management experience in silicone tube extrusion, can effectively control the extrusion of high-end silicone products. Such problems arise!