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Have you used the correct method to thread the LED neon lamp silicone sleeve through the light strip?

  There is a line in the inner tube of the LED neon silicone sleeve , and most factories use this line to wrap and fix the light strip and then pull it out from the end. This is a relatively traditional and practical method, which is more suitable for LEDs with a length of 1~3m. Neon silicone casing, basically only need one person to operate! Relatively speaking, it is easy and smooth, and there are few unexpected situations!
  The method of threading the light strip with a silicone sleeve above 3m: Once the length of the product is longer, the wire in the sleeve is prone to breakage during the pulling process, or it is stuck and cannot be pulled out, which is also a problem that most factories will encounter! Moreover, the operation of this kind of LED neon silicone casing is relatively labor-intensive and requires two people to work on one casing at the same time. When wearing this relatively long casing, the operator at the end will directly pull the traction rope directly. This is not a problem with the rope but a problem with the method of use. The key to solving the problem that the LED neon light silicone sleeve is too long to wear the light strip is to use third-party tools. Most manufacturers now have air compressors and air guns. Level the casing and the light strip (if it is not flat, it will easily cause the light strip to bend. At this time, if you pull it hard, the sharp edge of the light strip will cut the inner wall of the casing and thus The light strip cannot be pulled out) The operator at the front end needs to fix the rope on the light strip in the traditional way. At this time, because the front end needs to pull out a section of the rope for fixing, there is no rope at the end to pull, and the front end The operator can take advantage of the hardness of the pcb light strip to slightly insert a section into the inner tube of the LED neon light silicone sleeve to make up for the length of the rope that fixes the light strip. At this time, the characteristic of the rope is that it is very soft and has no support in the inner tube. When performing multiple bendings, it should be noted that the volume and weight of the rope are very small, and the inner tube of the LED neon silicone sleeve needs to be aligned with the mouth of the air gun (it can be slightly inserted into the mouth of the sleeve) Press the switch, and the high-pressure gas will rush to the end along the inner tube of the silicone sleeve (because the silicone is sealed and the neon silicone sleeve only has two ports to input gas from the front port, the gas must come out from the end). The twists and turns in the inner tube will become straight after being impacted by strong air pressure, so that a traction rope will appear at the end to rush the rope out of the interface. The operator at the end only needs to hold the rope and pull it a little harder, even if it is 5~ 10m, 10~30m can be operated according to this method. In the case of ensuring that the pcb light strip and the silicone sleeve are straight, because the strong air pressure will push the light strip forward, so that the use of air pressure can solve this problem because LED The problem that the neon silicone sleeve is too long to wear the light strip is gone.