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Why do we need to spray oil when the silicone lampshade of the line lamp is extruded?

  Before talking about why silicone lampshades need to be sprayed with oil, let’s understand the shortcomings of silicone, and it is precisely to make up for this shortcoming that silicone lampshades have oil spray. After the silicone lampshade is extruded, there is a characteristic of the surface static electricity, and this surface static electricity will directly lead to the active adsorption of dust in the air, and the silicone lampshade is no exception. Over time, it will be full of dust and the dust will cover the line lights. The emitted light causes a series of problems such as shadow graininess on the surface, and it feels particularly dirty and requires frequent wiping, which will cause post-maintenance. Of course, this is not the case with silicone lampshades. Even PC lampshades are no exception. This is a more troublesome problem in the industry. It will have no effect if it touches the surface of the silicone lampshade. This disadvantage is that it cannot be used for a long time and the later maintenance is cumbersome!
  Even if the silicone lampshade has such a big defect, many manufacturers still love it, because the softness and light transmission of the silicone lampshade are better than ordinary materials, and the PC lampshade is a plastic product that cannot be shaped or made. The product is relatively simple The limitations are relatively large, and the silicone lampshade can follow the direction of the aluminum profile, so it can be twisted as long as the shape of the aluminum profile can be made, and the silicone lampshade can also be made!
  As mentioned earlier, the disadvantages of silicone lampshades naturally exist, and there is a way to improve them, that is, to spray the surface with oil. The surface of the silicone lampshade sprayed with ink is very silky to the touch, and it can be directly installed on aluminum profiles without film treatment. Due to the isolation of ink between the surface of the silicone and the air, the surface of the silicone lampshade cannot conduct static electricity, and it will not actively absorb dust, so naturally there will be no shadows and spots. Not only silicone lampshades can be sprayed This is also the principle of dealing with PC lampshades. In addition, the deeper benefit of oil injection on silicone lampshades is that it can delay the yellowing time and aging time. Conventional non-oil-injected silicone lampshades will turn yellow a little bit. After oil injection, due to the silicone layer When the yellowing is covered by the ink layer, it is not easy to be detected, and the yellowing cannot be seen.