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Why do you choose to use gas-phase adhesive silicone rubber hoses in the application of smart toilets?

So what is the characteristic of the silicone tube that has attracted many smart toilet manufacturers? As a hose product with inner and outer diameters, the silicone tube can help complete the work of drainage, air guidance and pressure resistance, and the silicone tube in the smart toilet also needs to complete these three main tasks. , everyone knows that there will be tap water stored in the smart toilet, and the drainage of these waters is not done by the silicone tube. It is used on these pipes similar to peristaltic pumps. When these water aspirators work, air pressure will be discharged through the silicone tube, so that tap water will enter the smart toilet with the assistance of air pressure. These air pressures are very unstable and sometimes strong. Weak, which requires the silicone tube to have good expansion performance and rebound tensile properties, and the gas-phase rubber silicone tube is very good in these performance requirements. When the air pressure is too strong, the silicone tube will expand, and after the air pressure passes through the silicone tube, it can quickly shrink and rebound without bloating, and the end of the silicone tube is connected to a 4-in-1 plastic joint. , if the silicone tube does not retract quickly enough, it will directly fall off the plastic joint. Therefore, most manufacturers choose to use gas-phase rubber silicone tubes, which can meet the requirements whether it is retracted or expanded. As for why it is not reinforced at the end of the silicone tube What about a buckle? That's because most of the positions of these joints are useless for the convenience of after-sales maintenance. If the silicone tube is in disrepair for a long time, you only need to replace a section of the silicone tube!
  The second is that when the air pressure in the smart toilet passes through the silicone tube once or twice hundreds of times, the ordinary rubber silicone tube will intensify the aging, because the air pressure of the smart toilet silicone tube is unstable and the expansion performance of the ordinary rubber silicone tube is poor. In case of strong air pressure passing through the silicone tube, it will directly cause its rupture and increase the defective rate and instability of the product. Therefore, in terms of material selection, we will try our best to use gas-phase rubber silicone tube as the gas-conducting pipe.
  Generally, the specifications of silicone tubes used in smart toilets are 2*4, 3*7, and 4*8. A device with 2*4 silicone tubes needs to use 4 pieces. It is used in this 4-in-1 The 4 under the terminal, and the one-in-one is the 3*7 or 4*8 tube, because the air pressure of 4 different pipelines is converged on the 3*7 silicone tube, the wall thickness must be increased to withstand a larger pressure air pressure! As an excellent product of silicone tube, gas-phase rubber silicone tube can undertake this important task. To sum up, the reason why the smart toilet silicone tube chooses gas phase glue is to reduce the defective rate of the product and improve the quality stability! Satisfying the pressure resistance is a prerequisite.