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Production principle of multi row silicone rubber pipes for water and ventilation

The so-called multi-row silicone tube refers to a product that only works in different systems in one component and does not interfere with each other. For example, a single-hole silicone tube (4*6) is used as a water pipe as an independent work. system, now it is necessary to introduce the gas into the terminal. Does it also need a pipeline (because water and gas cannot be introduced together) and it is also regarded as a separate working system, which consists of two separate silicone pipelines, and the silicone tube manufacturers for To avoid repeated production, integrated extrusion molding will be used. Two separate silicone tubes are extruded in one mold to form multiple rows of silicone tubes. Of course, this is an example that can also be made of three or more separate silicone tubes. Extrusion molding can also be called multi-row silicone tube.
  The above describes the production design principle of multi-row silicone tubes. Now let’s talk about the production principle of special-shaped multi-row silicone tubes. The multi-row silicone tubes in the market at this stage are generally divided into regular and irregular. There are regular multi-row silicone tubes. The size and wall thickness requirements of each silicone tube are consistent. For example, a single silicone tube is 4*8 specifications, and the remaining silicone tubes are of this specification, and this regular multi-row silicone tube is generally It is formed in the shape of "8" or multiple "8" shapes side by side. All the inner and outer diameters are the same. Generally, there are more in the field of drainage. In most cases, it is easier to produce regular multi-row silicone tubes. Because its size is consistent, it is also convenient for manufacturers to debug equipment and facilitate mass production. The principle of irregular multi-row silicone tubes is that the individual silicone tubes are not connected to each other, and the customer has precise and strict requirements for the gas or liquid diverted by each tube, that is, the flow rate needs to be controlled, so the size of each tube is different. , some individual silicone tubes are relatively large in size and some are relatively small. Each silicone tube is different, but it needs not to interfere with each other. , and at this time, the A-hole silicone tube needs to be reduced by 1.5 times in the same proportion of the B-hole silicone tube to meet this customer requirement. The reason why there are irregular rows of silicone tubes is because each individual silicone tube Most of the special requirements are flow control. Of course, there are exceptions. The reason why individual customers use irregular multi-row silicone tubes is because the other hole is not used to guide products, but to cover some wiring harnesses such as wires, etc. These designs without special requirements are also By the way, it is generally enough to make it a little larger than the wire harness, which also leads to the inconsistency of the left and right silicone tubes, which forms non-standard multi-row silicone tubes .