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Application of Silicone Color Masterbatch (Part 2)

  Anyone who has a little knowledge of silicone products probably knows several major processes of silicone molding. Molding is a hot field with a large market potential and holdings. There are also many places where silicone masterbatch needs to be applied, because its technology The particularity is that the mold is fixed and formed. This process is more suitable for the application of silica gel masterbatch. Let's take a look at several representative products of silica gel masterbatch for molded products.
  1. Silicone kitchen utensils: This product is very popular abroad. The traditional molded silicone kitchen utensils without silicone masterbatch will appear a little monotonous. After a long time of use, it will make people feel bored. Silicone masterbatch can be added to these kitchen utensils made of silica gel, so that the products produced are refreshing and more attractive. Of course, as an add-on to silicone kitchen utensils, silica gel masterbatch can also reach FDA food grade, so there is no need I am worried about the safety of silicone masterbatch, and the production method is relatively simple. These silicone kitchen utensils add silica gel masterbatch to the raw materials in the process of refining the glue to carry out compaction together and then form it together with the product. No need to worry at this time Other silicone masterbatches can be perfectly integrated with raw materials without repulsion! In accordance with the normal production demoulding process, you can see that the silicone masterbatch sticks to the surface of the kitchen utensils and looks particularly good. This is a relatively large field of silica gel masterbatch application on kitchen utensils. Silicone kitchen utensils belong to the comparison in the molding process. Representative products, not only that, silicone masterbatches are compatible with most molded products, such as adding silicone masterbatches to silicone watch straps can also improve product appreciation and practicability, and many other molded appearance products are also Silicone masterbatch can be added, and the other is the cake pan, because this kind of product is directly in contact with food, so it needs to pass FDA food grade, because the cake will generate high temperature during the baking process, which cannot be achieved by general materials, but silica gel can achieve it. According to the required size, the mold is made through the molding process, and the silicone masterbatch is molded together in the molding raw materials. In this case, it is both beautiful and practical and can meet the requirements specified by customers. It is a very popular product at present, among which silicone The great contribution of masterbatch solves the defect of single color.
  2. Silica gel sheet: Why do you say that this calendered silica gel sheet is also the main direction for the application of silica gel masterbatch ? In fact, the actual use of silicone masterbatch is relatively single to improve the aesthetics and comfort of the product, and the application of silicone masterbatch in silicone sheets is also the same! Most of the silicone gasket table gaskets that can be seen on the market at this stage are made of silicone sheet technology. What can be seen is one color and is regular, and the addition of silicone masterbatch makes it These silicone spacers are more aesthetically pleasing