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How big can the supply and demand gap of silicone bellows for ventilators be? Part Two

According to the feedback from end customers in the market, during the fight against yiqing, there is a huge demand for all ventilator accessories (the same is true for the silicone bellows pipeline ). Silicone equipment has strict requirements on the production process and the production environment. The test reports of pre-production manufacturing production equipment and production environment management require on-site verification before they can be qualified for production and manufacturing. Compared with traditional vapor-phase collagen materials, liquid silicone has unique advantages, and it is also an inevitable trend in the future of equipment raw materials. Especially, liquid silicone for ventilator silicone bellows occupies the vast majority of the market, and this silicone bellows has high transparency. The hardness should be soft, which is especially suitable for ventilator assembly and use, and it is also better integrated in the molded plug stage. The problem is that even though there are many production processes for silicone bellows to choose from, there are still gaps in the market!
  Because there are very few manufacturers specializing in the production of silicone bellows (Dongguan Yutian has many years of production management experience), and before the epidemic, the silicone bellows market was relatively small and there were many types of materials to choose from, resulting in fewer manufacturers. Coupled with the technical difficulties in the production of the product itself, many companies that can produce silicone bellows worry about it. Before Yiqing, the silicone bellows market was just right and there was no such a big gap in the market. Until the yiqing period, the demand for silicone bellows rose sharply, and many production companies have transformed. As mentioned earlier, the production of silicone bellows requires certain technology, and not all companies can manufacture them. Before the company can fully transform, the market demand is The number of companies investing in the production of silicone bellows has risen in a straight line, but the number of companies investing in the production of silicone bellows has increased slowly. This has led to an unsatisfied market gap, but as more and more companies invest in the market, the market will eventually be satisfied, but as far as the current situation is concerned As far as the silicone bellows are concerned, the gap still exists. In addition, as a recyclable ventilator pipeline (not disposable), the silicone bellows can be recycled through a series of operations such as high-temperature sterilization and disinfection. It has a longer service life and is more stable, which can effectively reduce the workload of medical staff. Being stuck by the gap in the market has not been able to get satisfactory promotion.