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What are the environmental requirements and dust-free workshop requirements for silicone drainage tubes?

  The reason why silicone drainage tube customers have environmental requirements for silicone extrusion suppliers is that there are some pathogenic factors in the workshop environment of some manufacturers, such as dust and bacteria in the air, which can affect the surface of silicone drainage tubes , Some tenacious bacteria cannot be completely eliminated, so it is easy to cause a series of problems in the actual work of the silicone drainage tube. Therefore, the dust-free workshop or clean workshop and the manufacturer's environment can only produce good silicone drainage tubes under the premise of the coexistence of the two.
  Silicone drainage tubes have no resistance to impurities and bacteria in the environment. They need to be extruded and produced in a fairly ideal environment to avoid excessive exposure to the environment, because bacteria in the environment can be easily adsorbed on the surface of silicone drainage tubes. Erosion of the surface of the silica gel causes a series of problems such as frosting and cracking. If the product is troubled by the above problems, it is easy to become a defective product, and the medical industry where it is located is relatively special. This situation must never occur. It can be seen that the environment is right. What a non-negligible factor for silicone drainage tubes.
  Why do we try to choose dust-free workshops and clean workshops for the production of silicone drainage tubes? Because the extrusion production of silica gel is carried out indoors, there are pollution sources that can release harmful substances in the room or poor ventilation in the indoor environment can increase the number or types of bacterial and harmful substances in the indoor air, making these substances remain in the room. At this time, extrusion production of silica gel The drainage tube (silica gel itself has a certain adsorption capacity before it is not treated) is easily adsorbed on the surface of the silicone drainage tube for conduction. In this context, many manufacturers have dust-free workshops. Production in this environment can greatly reduce bacteria and harmful substances. Because the import and export of dust-free workshops are disinfected and sterilized, harmful substances in the workshop are greatly reduced. Reduce the harmful substances that can be adsorbed on the silicone drainage tube. Of course, the production and sulfuration of the silicone drainage tube are all operated in this environment, which reduces the probability of the silicone drainage tube being exposed to harmful substances in the air.