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How safe is the sealing and isolation of the inner tube of a disposable silicone drainage tube

  First of all, silica gel is a sealed and waterproof product, so the disposable silicone drainage tube will have airtightness after extrusion as long as it is not artificially damaged. Secondly, most of the production environments of silicone drainage tubes are produced in clean or car-free workshops. The production end avoids bacteria or pollutants from corroding the tube body, and also provides effective safety guarantee when the back end is used directly. Of course, the silicone drainage tube produced by the silicone extrusion manufacturer cannot be used directly, because the silicone manufacturer generally does not Those who have the ability to directly produce medical devices need qualified manufacturers to carry out product assembly and sterilization after receiving the product, and then deliver it to the actual user unit for use.
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  Then how to evaluate the isolation effect and safety performance of the disposable silicone drainage tube, there will be many third-party certifications to prove the safety and stability of the product, the first impression is also good for the silicone tube because the silicone drainage tube is extruded from silicone The color and size requirements of the representative works can be produced according to the specified requirements. The silica gel is vulcanized with a cross-linking factor, and each circle is directly connected in series through vulcanization to make it more firm and stable. After this silicone tube has sealing and isolation performance, combined with the environmental control of the actual production workshop (the first guarantee), the safety of the silicone drainage tube is further improved after adding the second guarantee, so the disposable silicone drainage tube adopts the silicone extrusion process The production is relatively safe and stable, and the silica gel itself has sealing properties, so whether the silica gel is made of a disposable silicone drainage tube, a round or a special-shaped sealing strip, it can play an airtight role. Because the silicone drainage tube may be placed in the body for a period of time, the airtightness of the inner tube is very high, and the effusion must also be drained out of the body safely.