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What is the difference between externally woven fiberglass silicone tubing and conventional silicone braided tubing for steam equipment?

  So what kind of silicone tube is suitable for the drainage of the soap dispenser? It is necessary to first understand what role the silicone tube plays when the soap dispenser works. In fact, the role is nothing more than drainage, sealing, and wear resistance. These requirements are not high and any hose can meet them. Combined with these three requirements Naturally, the more superior the better, the products are all survival of the fittest. For soap dispensers, what is needed is a silicone tube with stable performance, good resilience, and not easy to age and crack. And from the perspective of production technology, it is also necessary to use platinum vulcanized soap dispenser silicone tube as much as possible. First, it is not easy to produce frosting and cracking, and it is stable in terms of service life. Once the double-two The silicone tube of the soap dispenser made by the four vulcanization process is particularly easy to breed oxidative bacteria and bloom in a humid environment for a long time. In the normal use of the silicone tube of the soap dispenser, it is particularly special after repeated rolling and bulging. It is easy to break, and the reason is that the change of the vulcanizing agent leads to a series of problems caused by the unstable performance of the silicone tube. Platinum vulcanized soap dispenser silicone tube has stable performance and complies with ROHS environmental protection, FDA and other certifications. The conclusion drawn in the long-term experiment is that platinum is not easy to spray and break. The former mentioned three important performance indicators of soap dispenser silicone tube. , it is obvious that the silicone tube of the platinum vulcanization system is more suitable for the use of soap dispensers.
  The other is the precision of drainage and the effect of wear resistance, because the silicone tube of the soap dispenser should be able to control the flow at will in the drainage work, which is a suitable flow rate. It can't divert too much or too little. This is precision. To meet this kind of precision flow control, it is generally achieved by computer calculation and the timely rebound of the silicone tube, so the ordinary silicone tube cannot meet the drainage of the soap dispenser, and the other is that it is wear-resistant at this stage. The silicone tube of the soap dispenser is made of a peristaltic pump hose material with good wear resistance, which is the so-called wear-resistant rubber production. The silicone tube produced by this raw material has high-strength wear resistance, even if the soap dispenser No matter how fast the roller rotates, it will not affect the work of the silicone tube. Conventional products will quickly age and crack under the long-term wear of the roller, and the silicone tube of the soap dispenser is made of wear-resistant rubber. Wear and corrosion resistance, and the supporting resilience is also better than other materials.
  To sum up, the silicone tube of the soap dispenser needs a hose made of wear-resistant materials to be suitable. Of course, ordinary silicone tubes can also be used, but the service life will be reduced and easy to break. Silicone tubes for soap dispensers that can meet various product positionings are currently only made of wear-resistant rubber materials to have good results. Dongguan Yutian has many years of experience in producing silicone tubes for soap dispensers, and can customize a variety of silicone tubes for soap dispensers for different customers and different products.