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What are the main specifications and characteristics of silicone hoses for soap dispensers

The specifications of the silicone tube of the soap dispenser are 3.2*5 and 3*5, because the soap dispenser is generally used in public places and requires regular and quantitative circulation of hand sanitizer or other washing liquids, which requires the use of silicone tubes. Drainage, because of the softness of silicone, it can drain liquid when the three rollers of the soap dispenser rotate, and it can also close with the closing of the rollers. It can be drained as you like and can work for a long time, even if the soap dispenser is silicone It doesn't matter if the tube is pressed by the roller for a long time, it will not deform and cannot rebound. It is precisely because of the excellent characteristics and performance of the silicone tube of the soap dispenser that the related companies of the soap dispenser have always been praised. Dongguan Yutian Silicone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
  Because the soap dispenser has a relatively precise control on the flow rate, there are not many types of specifications. For example, Dongguan Yutian ’s 3*5 specification is widely used. If the caliber is too large, it will cause The liquid in the internal pipeline of the waste soap dispenser is hand sanitizer, so the inner diameter specifications are only 3 and 3.2, which will not cause waste and can just meet the needs of users. 3.2*5 is particularly convenient to control the flow rate. In addition, the wall thickness is only about 1mm. When the roller is working, it will not flow very fast. It can be notified at any time to intercept the flow at any time, because it takes time for the roller to press down. For example, within 1 second, the silicone tube will stop as the roller stops working. Even if the roller ages slowly over time, the working stop time will be longer. It is a soap dispenser silicone tube. Since the specifications are fixed and will not change over time, the flow rate will also be controlled and there will be no too much waste. This is also the reason why there are only a few specifications of silicone tubes for soap dispensers.


  As for the characteristic of the silicone tube of the soap dispenser, the hardness may be between 30~40°Shore A. As for the reason for this hardness, it is because the soap dispenser has 3 rollers, which are upper, lower and upper. Display If the hardness of the silicone tube is too high, it is prone to breakage. It is worried that the toughness is not enough and it will be broken in the long-term back and forth friction. Silicone has a characteristic that the higher the hardness, the lower the elasticity will be, and the toughness will also drop a lot, so it is easy Due to the high hardness, it is not easy to control the precision of the flow in the work, because the company has obtained from many practices that the hardness of 30~40°Shore A is suitable for the work of the soap dispenser. If the hardness of the silicone tube of the soap dispenser is particularly low It will also appear that in the compression of the roller for many times, the resilience will be lost, resulting in a decrease in the flow rate, and in severe cases, it will cause blockage.
  Why do you say that the silicone tube of the soap dispenser is somewhat similar to the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump? First of all, it plays a drainage role and secondly it is wear-resistant, because the roller will wear out during long-term compression and rotation, which will cause the soap dispenser The silicone tube is broken. This is why it is wear-resistant and the silicone tube of the soap dispenser needs to go out from the roller, first pass through the upper roller, then pass through the lower roller and then return to the upper roller, which means that there are 3 different rollers in the soap liquid The outer diameter of the silicone tube of the device is constantly oppressed and rubbed. In this high-strength work, ordinary silicone tubes cannot withstand this harsh working environment, so many people think of using the raw materials of peristaltic pump silicone tubes. Making silicone tubes for soap dispensers, the result was unexpected results. A reasonable solution was obtained through multiple repeated tests. The specifications and characteristics of these silicone tubes for soap dispensers were obtained through continuous exploration. Dongguan The silicone tubes for soap dispensers manufactured by Yutian not only have two specifications of 3.2*5 and 3*5, but also have other specifications and some industrial-grade silicone tubes for soap dispensers. Different types of silicone tubes for soap dispensers have different specifications. Features, the same Dongguan Yutian company can also support a series of customized follow-up processing operations.