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The reason why the steam generator silicone outer braided tube is called a fiberglass silicone tube

The silicone outer braided tube of the steam generator is to weave a layer of glass fiber on the outside of the inner tube after being extruded. It can also be braided with nylon thread or other wire shapes. Each weaving of different glass fibers or wires will have different effects, and Steam generators are characterized by high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, so the requirements for braids in this field are not high and only need to meet the above two requirements. Dongguan Yutian Silicone
  First of all, let's understand the production process and difference between the silicone outer braided tube and the glass fiber silicone tube? The silicone outer braided tube is also used to extrude the inner tube first. There are many choices of braids. After weaving different threads, in order to be able to distinguish them all, the name of the silicone outer braided tube is used, and the glass fiber silicone tube is included as the name implies. After the tube is produced, the outer braid is relatively fixed, and high-density braiding is used. This linear material is called glass fiber, so the glass fiber silicone tube comes from this. In terms of high pressure resistance, the higher the braid density, the higher the pressure resistance of silicone. will improve. For example, the steam generator will have high temperature and pressure during work. Ordinary silicone tubes will burst when exposed to high pressure, and the silicone outer braided tube will be too thin to cause silicone cracks, so most companies will choose to use it. High-density glass fiber silicone tube to work.

  During the steam generation process, a high temperature between 80 and 180° will be generated, which has no effect on ordinary silicone (-40 to 200°), so basically the outer braided silicone tube can also withstand this high temperature, but for Not so for braids. For example, the negative-pressure-resistant braid is fishing line or plastic wire. This kind of braid usually cannot withstand long-term high temperatures of 180°, so in the field of steam generators, the entire pipeline must withstand high temperature and high pressure. The trade-off is relatively small, and glass fiber is a better material, which can meet industry requirements when combined with silica gel. So in this way, in order to be able to easily remember the silicone outer braided tube and the glass fiber silicone tube, some industry products will be used to distinguish them. In fact, they are all one type of product, but there are subtle differences. The distinction between glass fiber silicone tube and silicone outer braided tube.

  In addition, these two products need secondary processing after wrapping. After the inner tube and braid are completed, they need to be dip-coated with liquid silicone for natural vulcanization molding or heating vulcanization molding. In this way, the glass fiber is completely covered by a layer of silica gel. Once the location is packaged, there is no need to worry about a series of problems such as dust.