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Size Specification Table of Peristaltic Pump Silicone Tube and Application Fields of Peristaltic Pump Tube Types

  Start with the type and go deep into the silicone tube of the micro-flow peristaltic pump. As the name suggests, the caliber is small. The overall product is mini. Unified standard, the wall thickness shall not exceed 1mm, the inner diameter shall not exceed 3mm, and the naming method is also the inner diameter * wall thickness. Note that all the sizes of peristaltic pump silicone tubes are named in this way, because the size of this type of hose is too small in The market share is relatively small, and generally there will be more applications in special nutrient pump hoses. Next, we will describe the different sizes and specifications of the silicone tubes of micro-flow peristaltic pumps one by one. Calculated according to the tube number (inner diameter*wall thickness): 0.13*0.86mm (the smaller one in the market, the larger one) Some manufacturers are not good at producing the inner diameter is too small), 0.5*0.86mm, 0.86*0.86mm, 1.52*0.86mm, 2.06*0.86mm, 2.4*0.86mm, 2.79*0.86mm, 3.17*0.86mm, all of the above It is the mainstream size specification of micro-flow peristaltic pump silicone tube. In addition, there is an unpopular 1mm wall thickness type. Due to the lack of market circulation, most companies Yutian Company rarely contact this type. There are three specifications: 1*1mm, 2*1mm, 3*1mm, all the above sizes and specifications belong to the micro-flow type product category of peristaltic pump silicone tube, and this type of peristaltic pump tube has a special application field, so its pressure (MPa) capacity Not very good, generally around 0.1MPa. (Please indicate the source of the reprint, Dongguan Yutian original article)
  Next is the mainstream type of peristaltic pump silicone tube, which is also the most popular type on the market. It is called the basic flow type peristaltic pump silicone tube. Industrial acid and alkali resistance can be applied, and its specifications and sizes are also dazzling, ranging from 0.8mm inner diameter to 9.6mm inner diameter. There are many types and the application fields are also very wide, so Dongguan Yutian will take these peristaltic pump silicone tubes. A popular title is convenient to distinguish different specifications. The wall thickness of the silicone tube of the basic flow type peristaltic pump is generally 1.6mm or 2.4mm. Let’s learn about the types and titles of these specifications together. 13# pipe specification 0.8*1.6mm (inner diameter*wall thickness), 14# pipe 1.6*1.6mm, 15# pipe 4.8*2.4mm, 16# pipe 3.1*1.6mm, 17# pipe 6.4*1.6 mm, 18# tube 7.9*1.6mm, 19# tube 2.4*1.6mm, 24# tube 6.4*2.4mm, 25# tube 4.8*1.6mm, 35# tube 7.9*2.4mm, 36# Tube 9.6*2.4mm, these are the specifications and sizes of the more popular basic flow peristaltic pump silicone tubes, these titles are not in order, so you need to write them down a little bit. Dongguan Yutian Silicone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
  Most of the above two types are circulated in the food, pharmaceutical, and pump markets. The next industrial peristaltic pump silicone tube is used more in industrial chemical industry, because the size is too large and these need to use one of the peristaltic pump silicone tubes. The characteristic is the weak acid and alkali resistance, so it is especially popular in some chemical fields. However, there are not many types of sizes and specifications, which are easy to understand. The thickness of the wall is thick and the size is large. This is the characteristic of the silicone tube of the industrial peristaltic pump. Dongguan Yutian Silicone can produce it. The tube numbers are: 73# tube 9.5*3.3mm, 82# tube 12.7*3.3mm, 86# tube 9.5*6.3mm, 90# tube 19*6.3mm, 88# tube 12.7*4.8mm, 92# pipe 25.4*4.8mm.
  The above are all the specifications and popular names of peristaltic pump silicone tubes, as well as the three main types and main application fields. At present, there are many types and sizes of products, and Yutian Company also believes that the future will not stop here and will be derived. More sizes and varieties.