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What is silicone tension band and its high tensile and rebound performance?

  First of all, we need to understand what kind of product the silicone tension band is, and why we choose silica gel as the base material. In fact, the reason why the silicone tension band can appear in the public eye is mainly summarized as follows:
1. The transition between new and old products. In the traditional impression of people, the tension band generally does not use silica gel as the base material, but uses latex and TPE. Feedback from major manufacturers and users in the course of many years of use, this is the reason for this. Silicone tension bands and other material tension bands, of course, are not that traditional materials such as latex and TPE are not easy to use, but that digging out different materials into the market can compete with each other and motivate each other, so that the market will be more prosperous with the complementarity and mutual assistance of different materials. Enrich, diversify and develop harmoniously.
2. The popularity of silicone is on the rise. The development of silicone tension bands is not long and only a few years. Even some manufacturers do not know that silicone can be made into tension bands, and they feel novel and are willing to try it. Under the environment, the reputation of silicone tension belts is gradually rising, and most of the silicone tension belts are still willing to try without affecting the use of end customers.
3. Safety, in the early development of silica gel, it was used in medical systems, and gradually penetrated into all walks of life in the process of continuous development. Since silica gel can be used in medical systems, it means its safety and stability. In silica gel The sterile-grade silicone raw material used in the tension band is produced, and will not emit odor and harmful substances.
  What changes will silicone tension bands bring to life? Especially this year, the situation is more special. People are staying at home for a long time, so accumulation will easily lead to obesity and lack of exercise. For this market environment, what products can not only improve immunity but also maintain body shape? So the pull belt gradually came into view. The pull belt is also known as the lazy fitness rope, which can make people experience the passion of sports without leaving home. In the market environment, the pull belt is gradually diversified and the silicone The pull belt is one of the products under the background of diversification. The silicone pull belt has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Overall, it is a conscientious product and it is still a good product. The silicone has strong environmental protection performance and can achieve high skin-friendliness in long-term use. Ability, not only can be used to achieve fitness and shape, but also can be skin-friendly.