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How can we increase production capacity by injecting silicone tubing?

  First of all, it is necessary to understand the two mainstream processes of oil injection silicone tubes . As for increasing production capacity, it depends on the products and application fields used by customers. The first oil-spraying silicone tube process is the method that manufacturers with more production capacity of silicone tubes choose to increase production capacity, that is, the silicone tube is extruded at the front end and installed with spraying equipment at the back end to achieve the method of spraying oil while extruding, and roughly The method is that the silicone tube is raised at the front end to form a round tube shape, and then vulcanized by a high-temperature oven to make the silicone tube initially formed, and the silicone tube at this stage is not sprayed with oil, so the silicone tube enters the 10-meter-long drying tunnel again Carry out vulcanization molding until the end of the shipment, the general silicone extrusion has been completed at this point, and the oil spray silicone tube enters the spray drying tunnel again for a layer of spray treatment. This is the current mainstream extrusion + oil injection integrated extrusion process. As for the production capacity, it is also a relatively fast one. It is suitable for large quantities of products with oil injection silicone tubes as appearance parts, such as desk lamp silicone sleeves, hanging neck fan silicone A series of products such as tubes, magnetic data cable silicone sleeves, etc. Therefore, online extrusion oil injection is one of the primary options for increasing production capacity.
  The advantage of online fuel injection silicone tube is that the shipment quantity is stable. According to the production capacity of an extruder equipped with spraying equipment, it can reach 10,000 meters/12 hours. The average production capacity of oil spray silicone tube in one hour is enough to reach 1,000 meters. For the day and night shift, the daily production capacity is close to 20,000 meters per day, and we are equipped with 14 extrusion production lines that can flexibly handle various large orders and various emergencies at any time. If conditions permit, one production line is not enough to meet customer needs We will add several online oil injection extruders. The second advantage is that the fuel injection silicone tube under this process can achieve a silky smoothness, which is suitable for some appearance parts. Why do you say that? That's because the spraying equipment is programmed during the online spraying process, the average sprayed ink per minute is set and the usage is also controlled by the machine, so the silicone tube that has been sprayed online has this balance It feels silky smooth to the touch from start to finish.
  The production capacity of another oil-spraying silicone tube process is slightly lower, which is also a relatively primitive method, that is, the silicone tube is produced according to the steps of extrusion, and the production capacity at this time is faster than that of the online spraying process. The spraying equipment is made, and the semi-automatic spraying is carried out after the silicone tube is extruded and cooled. The production capacity of one class of this method is estimated to be between 5000 and 6000 meters, which is somewhat different from the online spraying process, but this semi-automatic oil injection silicone tube is used in a special field, such as some silicone lampshades, special-shaped silicone tubes/strips Wait, the reason why these products need to be sprayed is because they are appearance parts or non-appearance parts, but they must have certain functions. Some semi-automatic oil injection processes include calendering, molding and other processes in addition to silicone tubes. can be used.
  Summary: Combined with online oil injection, it is more suitable for silicone tubes and has higher production capacity, and most of them feel silky and soft. On the contrary, the production capacity of semi-automatic oil injection silicone tubes is generally more exquisite, and most of them have certain special properties. The silicone tubing will be selected.