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Interpretation of silicone tube products for magnetic storage data cables

  The reason why the silicone tube of the magnetic absorption data line uses silica gel as its protective cover is because the silicone tube has a wide range of applications and a variety of hardness requirements can be selected. Shore 30~70A can be selected, and as a data line silicone One of the first requirements of the tube is "softness". It is necessary to choose a hardness of 30~40° as the base material. If the hardness is too high, the magnetic adsorption effect will be reduced and the comfort will be reduced. Under the influence of these factors, low The hard silicone tube is used as a protective cover, so that the silicone tube will not become the hind legs of the magnetic data cable.
  The other is the resilience of the silicone tube. Among the range of various rubber materials, the choice of silicone tube is the best. Therefore, in terms of matching with the magnetic absorption data line, it can not only achieve its own fun but also increase its practicality. sex. After choosing a magnetic data cable, most people like to pull it and twist it to satisfy their inner curiosity. After all, this is a new product that subverts the tradition, and the use of silicone tube can satisfy the user's interest. Silicone tube belongs to a kind of rubber product. The resilience performance of the product can reach more than 6.7~8.6Mpa, and it supports two kinds of rubber materials. Under this excellent stretching, the user will not deform or break even if it is stretched. This can not only satisfy curiosity but also promote the interactive linkage between products and users, and can help the magnetic absorption data line silicone tube stand out from the competition in the same industry.
  Now that we have talked about the resilience of the silicone tube, we have to talk about the comfort of the silicone tube. The mainstream data cable is not wrapped and the hardness is generally hard (hardness 70~90°), while the silicone tube can be 30° °Under this softness, it can also maintain good resilience. The lower the hardness of the silicone tube, the higher the comfort. It feels soft to the touch. Using this low hardness product on the data cable can not only Maintaining softness can also isolate the miscellaneous outside world. A leather case can play multiple functions, which is why it is so popular. It has an interactive appearance, softness and comfort. All these combined with the use of magnetic absorption and data cable silicone tube can quickly become popular in the industry. It became popular, and the silicone tube as one of its accessories is also being continuously improved.
  In summary, the silicone tube of the data cable is also called the silicone sleeve of the charging cable. There is no special point to pay attention to, but the application of the silicone tube in the data cable industry naturally has its advantages. The yellowing resistance of the silicone, the resistance Aging performance, insulation and many other characteristics are also worthy of reference. In addition, the magnetic absorption and data line silicone tube can achieve various shapes and storage shapes through the suction of the magnet and the softness of the silicone.

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