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How to assemble and use the elastic silicone ear rope adjustment buckle?

  The elastic silicone adjustment buckle is a new product developed according to market changes. It is made of a combination of two processes: silicone calendering and punching. The silicone sheet is used as the base material to punch out various buckle shapes to fix the ear rope. The direction and tightness can reduce the strangle marks on the ears caused by the ear loops of the mask. It is especially suitable for people with large faces and burly bodies. Wearing a mask for a long time will cause the ears to be strangled by the ear loops. The ear loops are small and often can’t be fixed on the ear clips, so they are easy to loosen and fall off, and they are particularly worried about children at home. Add elastic silicone ear loop adjustment buckles to the traditional mask ear loops to adjust them according to different ages and different face shapes. The tightness of the ear loops, and the silicone has good comfort and adsorption, and there will be enough support without falling or causing any discomfort.
  For example, users with a large face shape will stretch when using ordinary ear loops, and the stretching will generate "force", which will be transmitted to the ear clips. Pulling out the ear marks can cause unbearable pain for a long time. After using the elastic silicone ear rope adjustment buckle, the ear rope does not pour the "force" on the ear clip, but transfers it to the silicone ear rope adjustment buckle, so that the contact between the ear clip and the ear rope can be directly avoided Does not resolve pain either.
  Why choose silicone as the elastic adjustment buckle among so many materials? First, silicone is a high-end emerging material that is widely used in various fields. The quality is also very stable, and the elastic silicone ear rope adjustment buckle raw materials comply with FDA food-grade test reports, and REACH physical performance test reports can be provided, all of which are It can prove that silicone is a trustworthy product, and this elastic silicone ear rope adjustment buckle is not disposable, it can be used for multiple cycles, usually when there is dust, bacteria, impurities, etc. in the outside work, you can use alcohol Sterilize and then recycle. You can also use physical disinfection to use boiling water to cook the elastic silicone ear rope adjustment buckle for sterilization. The above two methods of recycling are suitable for popular use and there is almost no difficulty. So from this point of view The elastic silicone ear rope adjustment buckle is used by the general public. In terms of commercial value, the silicone adjustment buckle is an environmentally friendly product and there is no need to worry about product recycling after it is sold. The decomposition of silicone in nature will not affect the environment, and silicone has a good recycling method, from material selection to finished products. After-sales silicone is made in strict accordance with industry standards.
  The method of using the silicone adjustment buckle is very simple. There are 3 adjustment buckles in the current product, and 4 adjustment buckles can also be made. It will be more convenient to see how the customer chooses. Different adjustment buckles will give people different comfort levels. It is very simple and convenient to use by hanging the ear rope in the silicone adjustment buckle and then wearing it in the direction of the back of the head.
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