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Foam silicone handle sleeve for baby stroller protection

  The main feature of the foamed silicone grip on the stroller is safety. The metal tube of the stroller is wrapped with a layer of foamed silicone grip. The soft touch is better than other materials. If the baby accidentally touches it on the foamed silicone It doesn't matter on the grip, because the foamed silicone grip changes the traditional silicone density through the production process. This change makes the shock absorption effect very good, so the baby will pass the shock absorption function when it collides. It will be effectively resolved, so there is no need to worry that the baby will be hurt by collision.
  Because babies are naturally active, curious about unknown things, and like to bite some inexplicable things, the same is true in baby strollers, so this requires protective foam silicone grips to have very good safety performance, that is, when in contact with babies There should not be any harmful substances in the mouth or skin of the baby to avoid harm to the baby. Almost all protective foam silicone grips used in baby carriages need to pass the FDA food-grade test report. Also, in terms of aesthetics, most of the foamed silicone grips are polished and chamfered, and the original smooth surface of the foamed silicone grip is turned into a pockmarked surface, which will be more comfortable and safe to touch. There is also friction It is strong and does not puncture the skin, which is more intimate and comfortable for babies and children. After the product is finely polished, the silica gel will have the characteristics of sweat absorption, so it will be more forceful when using the baby stroller, which makes the guardian more energy-saving and more convenient.

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