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Detailed Discussion on Disposable Silicone Ear Rope Products

  During the current epidemic, silicone ear loops have become the focus of attention for a while, updating traditional masks. Because the traditional silicone ear loops are made of cotton fibers, the grip is insufficient, and there will be large gaps on both sides of the nose during daily use. The generation of such gaps provides an understanding of the impurities in the air for bacteria The channel will affect health, not only that, when the normal disposable ear rope is stretched, a "bow" shaped corrugated channel will be formed, resulting in a decrease in airtightness. These are traditional mask ear ropes, and now there are special The following is one of the solutions for using silicone to make silicone ear loops.
  First of all, the elasticity of the silicone material is greater than that of the cotton silicone ear loops. It is natural that the silicone ear loops can be placed on the left and right sides, and the high resilience of the silicone can be used to hug them tightly so that they fit tightly on the nose and the periphery of the mouth. This means that the safety performance is more stable because the tight fit can effectively prevent germs and impurities from entering the respiratory tract through the gap. These are one of the advantages achieved by using the strong resilience of the silicone ear loops.
  The second is the safety performance of silicone ear straps. Silicone is a product widely used in safety protection. It can pass multiple testing certifications including FDA, LFGB, biocompatibility, etc. In addition, silicone has various effects such as inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Traditional ear loops will wrap a lot of bacteria and other impurities, but this will not happen after using silicone ear loops. In this way, the safety performance of human body contact ear loops will be further improved. Compared with the safety of silicone ear loops Higher performance.
  Finally, there is the issue of environmental protection and recycling. Silicone is an environmentally friendly product that meets ROHS, REACH and other tests. The basic raw material of the silicone ear rope is refined from silicon ore. Even if it is discarded in the natural environment at will, the silica gel will not be polluted. Diffusion occurs, and when silicone products are relatively mature, the recycling companies of silicone ear ropes are more convenient to recycle, while traditional ear ropes are destroyed in a centralized manner, which will pollute the environment and affect air quality during the destruction period. If silica gel is used Ear loops can avoid these later problems.

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