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How to assemble and use silicone tape for goggles?

  The goggle silicone strap can have a high degree of resilience and good comfort, and the assembly is simple and convenient to use. After it is produced by the machine, it only needs to set a buckle on the left and right sides of the goggles, and use the flexibility of the silicone strap to embed it. The buckle is fixed. This silicone belt can be disassembled during assembly and use, and can be disinfected and cleaned for repeated use. Even if it is damaged during use, it can be replaced.
  Because the silicone has very good properties and can be stretched for a long time, wearing it on the head after the finished product is assembled will not make people feel any discomfort and will not cause strangle marks. Therefore, it has also attracted widespread attention. The goggle silicone belt will be produced according to customer requirements. The scene used is not used but different raw materials are used for production, some use gas phase glue and some use ordinary glue. If the customer uses the silicone belt on the goggles of medical protective clothing, use gas-phase adhesive, because the silicone belt of the goggles can meet the requirements of FDA food grade as a whole and can also meet the requirements of aseptic processing, such as goggles used in daily life Ordinary glue can be used, so silica gel can flexibly convert materials to be used in various scenarios.
  The goggles silicone strap on the protective clothing has better tensile performance. It needs to be put on the protective clothing instead of the human body. The stretchability requirement is much higher. The properties such as stretch and elasticity will change accordingly, and the specifications will also change accordingly. Usually, the thickness should be thinner by about 0.1mm, and the width will also decrease by 1~3mm. Easy to be torn can reduce the defect rate of the manufacturer and save costs. In addition, another big advantage of the silicone belt is that it can be recycled. As a product that has passed the biocompatibility test report material, the silicone belt only needs to be sterilized and disinfected. It is also able to work again, unlike traditional disposable materials. So whether it is from the perspective of safety, stability or environmental protection, silica gel is one of the first choice materials.

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