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Can the silicone sealing strip of the intelligent cabinet shield external interference?

The principle of the shielding silicone sealing strip   for smart cabinets is to protect the shielding effect of some core components of smart devices, such as unmanned vending machines, smart cabinets, safes, etc. You should have seen unmanned vending machines in certain environments. The automatic drop of goods has caused many troubles to major merchants, and many smart locker machines in supermarkets cannot recognize the QR code and cannot open the locker, which has left a bad influence on users. They all think that these smart lockers There is a problem with the cabinet and needs to be repaired. In fact, in most cases, these products are often interfered by some external electronic equipment and cannot be recognized. Therefore, the QR code cannot be opened in the hands of the user. It can be opened by another user. Everyone I would never think that it is because of the interference of electronic signals. In view of the above situations, products with shielding and sealing effects have been conceived in time, that is, today's shielding silicone sealing strips can shield electronic signals and radiation from the inside to the outside. It can shield other interference signals from the outside to the inside. With the help of this shielding silicone sealing strip, the failure rate of the smart cabinet has dropped a lot.
  The reasons for the need to use shielding silicone sealing strips are summarized as follows
1. These products all need to be sealed, and silica gel as a sealing material is one of the selection directions.
2. The sealing includes the external sealing of the cabinet and the sealing of the core components of the cabinet, and the shielding silicone sealing strip belongs to the sealing of the core components
3. Adding these silver aluminum nickel carbon to the silica gel strip can still maintain the effect of conductivity
4. As a relatively soft product, silicone is more suitable for people's hearts
5. High and low temperature resistance (-40~200°), long service life, wear resistance, etc. are relatively good. More than

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