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What is the connection between the performance of foam silicone tubing? Part 1

  Taking Shuang24 industrial-grade foamed silicone tube as an example, each of its performances is closely related to another performance, and these hidden connections are difficult to understand, so we will reveal the secrets one by one according to the unanimous requirements of customers.
  1. Density: Foamed silicone tubes and any foamed products and an important performance, the current mainstream density in the market is between 0.3 and 1.0, and the conventional non-foamed density is stably controlled at 1.2. This is one of the connections. In addition, the density of the foamed product will directly affect the final unit price of the product. The higher the foaming density, the higher the unit price will be. Therefore, before considering the use of foamed silicone tubes, you must be careful. The density should not be too high or too low. It is recommended to use this type of products such as bicycle foam silicone grips and fitness equipment grips with a density between 0.5 and 0.7, while industrial silicone insulation tubes, high temperature resistant foam silicone tubes and sealed products use a density of Between 0.3 and 0.5. As mentioned earlier, the density of conventional silica gel is 1.2 and the hardness will be hard, while the foamed silica gel decomposes the density of 1.2 into 0.3~1.0 through a special process and becomes a spongy silica gel product. Does the hardness also become soft? It can be seen that the higher the foam density, the higher the hardness, and the hardness cannot be adjusted under the premise of controlling the density, that is to say, the hardness will also increase with the increase of the foam density, and the hardness will definitely decrease when the density decreases. It is concluded that the density of the foamed silicone tube will be related to the final price, applicable environment, and hardness, and it is a matter of affecting the whole body.
  2. Hardness: Firstly, the hardness unit used by the foamed silicone tube is different from that of the conventional silicone tube. The former uses Shore C and the latter uses Shore A. The two can be converted into each other. , After the silicone tube is foamed, it will be spongy and the hardness will be relatively low, so Shao C is used. Secondly, the relationship between hardness and density is interrelated, one of them increases and the other hardness also increases, and the positive and negative deviation of the hardness of the foamed silica gel will be 1~3° larger than that of the non-foamed product. Sometimes the hardness is not easy to control, and most of them are within the normal range of ±5~6°, and the testing equipment also needs to be tested with a hardness tester for silicone rubber. Other testing equipment cannot be used in the field of silicone rubber, and the foamed silicone tube is round. The shape needs to be cut with scissors and placed on a flat surface for extrusion testing, or filled with a round plug so that it has enough support to withstand the pressure from the hardness monitor to test the hardness of the product.
  It can be said that the foamed silicone tube is one of the uncommon products, and the close relationship between various properties will continue to be analyzed.

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