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What type of silicone tube is a special-shaped silicone tube?

  In fact, the conventional silicone tubes in the hands of most manufacturers have molds. Why do special-shaped silicone tubes need to be molded? Because the specifications and sizes of conventional round tubes are relatively fixed, and there are certain rules to be found, there are more and more conventional round tube molds in the hands of some powerful silicone tube manufacturers over time, and most of the specifications There are already ready-made molds. The special-shaped silicone tube has no fixed specifications and shapes. The products that each customer wants are different. Some are close in size but different in shape. Some have the same shape and the same specification but different product requirements. Another factor That is, many special-shaped silicone tubes have signed a mold confidentiality agreement with the manufacturer at the beginning of the mold opening, so the manufacturer will not actively promote these special-shaped silicone tubes.
  So what are the characteristics of special-shaped silicone tubes? It has always attracted many fans. Now there are many varieties and choices in the rubber market. Those who understand the products will know that each variety has its own characteristics, some are wear-resistant, and some are soft. , There are also economic benefits, and there is a lack of a product with more comprehensive performance. At least at present, among these products, silica gel is a kind of rubber product that is more in line with various needs. In the production process of special-shaped silicone tubes, various specifications and specifications can be changed. The shape can be produced according to different needs.
  Special-shaped silicone tube is a general term, which is collectively referred to as a kind of products with strange shapes, such as the "day"-shaped special-shaped silicone tube of the lunch box sealing strip, which can be used as a seal to squeeze through the upper and lower modules and use the softness of silicone to seal and waterproof, etc. , the reason why special-shaped silicone tubes are called special-shaped silicone tubes should be based on their use characteristics and use environment. It can further improve the product use, and some are used in insulation and safety. No matter which industry it is used in, the appearance of special-shaped silicone tubes has greatly improved the previous production process. In my personal summary, special-shaped silicone tubes are It is a direction-changing product developed from the traditional silicone tube. In short, the reason for making it into a special shape must have its particularity.

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