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Revealing the production secrets of silicone lampshades for large-diameter LED line lights

  Most of the silicone lampshades for large-diameter LED line lamps are generally used indoors. Using the excellent light transmittance of silicone and the large size of the structure, the lighting area can be several times larger than that of ordinary sleeves, which is why it is necessary to The reason for the production of large diameter silicone lampshades. For the actual manufacturer, the production process of this product is not smooth, there are many problems such as being limited by the process and the production process. In addition, the structure of the silicone lampshade itself is not very difficult to produce, but the size of each component is enlarged. After being doubled, it is very easy to deform and it is difficult to control the trend. In this case, it will directly lead to uneven surface of the product, shrinkage of the inner card position and many other problems.
  Silicone lampshades for large-diameter LED line lights need to be molded before production, and mold opening has become a very important part of the product structure and final direction. This kind of product with large size and strict appearance control needs about 5~7 times of mold opening (it is almost impossible to open successfully at one time), and it needs to be electroplated and polished when opening the mold. Silicone lampshade belongs to the appearance parts such as Without the above-mentioned operations, there will be some fine lines on the surface of the product. If you touch it directly with your hands, you will have the advantage of knocking your hands, and the smooth atmosphere of the silica gel will not be shown. In addition, the core of large-diameter silicone lampshade mold opening is to consider how much deformation will occur in the unsulfurized silicone since the silicone is extruded from the mold to the first vulcanized oven. These all need to be carefully calculated, which also leads to a slight gap between the silicone mold and the actual structure of the product, so it is particularly difficult for engineers to calculate when developing this large-diameter silicone lampshade. The other is the card under the silicone lampshade. Whether the position of the groove and the structure of the die-casting part are correct, the buckle of the silicone lampshade is located under the light-emitting surface, the size is small and the precision requirements are very high, and the deformation of the silicone during the vulcanization process must be controlled correctly. The position of the die-casting slot (it is recommended to go to the upper limit and not to the lower limit) taking these two factors into account when opening the mold will save unnecessary waste, which is also its charm.
  Because most of the silicone lampshades are milky white (adding a diffuser) and not the traditional kind of transparency, the PCB board can be shielded by color so that the casing and the lamp cannot be seen from the front, which will improve the ornamental quality to a higher level. Secondly, because the color of the diffusing agent is pure white, the translucent state of the silica gel itself is dyed milky white. Special attention should be paid when adding vulcanization, and the vulcanization temperature must be well controlled. Do not vulcanize the silicone lampshade too much, as this will easily cause the surface of the silicone lampshade to turn yellow, especially for such a large-caliber silicone lampshade. The product needs to be large, and the temperature control of vulcanization is particularly important for the production of qualified large-diameter silicone lampshades.

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