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The subtle differences between silicone tube extrusion process and solid-liquid injection process (Part 2)

  The difference can be started from the shape, application field, and production. The silicone tube with a length of 15 to 40 meters needs to be vulcanized and cured at high temperature from the extrusion feeding to the mold mouth. The length of the extrusion body is more than 15 meters. The drying tunnel is re-sulfurized. Theoretically speaking, the inlet port does not stop and the silicone tube of the extrusion process is infinitely long. The solid-liquid injection process uses liquid glue production (similar to glue). The production method is a bit like plastic injection molding. The liquid glue is injected into the mold and then demolded after high-temperature sulfuration. The product structure produced by the solid-liquid injection process is rich. Various shapes and results are possible, and the product is made of liquid rubber, so its hardness will be much lower than that of the silicone tube extrusion process, that is to say, the solid-liquid injection process can reach ≤30°Shao A , while the silicone tube extrusion process cannot meet this requirement. In terms of appearance, solid-liquid injection products are very soft and comfortable.
  The difference between the silicone tube extrusion process and the solid-liquid injection application field is as follows:
1. Power communication industry for solid-liquid injection: The power industry is one of the most important fields for all silicone products. Any product in the category of silicone products can be used in the power industry. Silicone has good electrical breakdown resistance and insulation characteristics. Whether it is a solid-liquid silicone insulator for a power terminal or a silicone tube extruding a power cold-shrinkable silicone tube, it has good characteristics. The solid-liquid injection is mainly irregular and has no fixed shape, while the products of the extrusion process in the power field are based on Regular round tubes are the main ones, but both can withstand some ultra-high voltage characteristics, and are widely used in transmission lines and terminals. It can be seen that the extrusion process is a round tube in the field of electric power communication, while the injection is irregular. The most common silicone products are (general insulators are larger in size and the production cost of the molding process will increase)
2. Medical field: In this field, the silicone tube extrusion process is mainly in cooperation with the solid-liquid injection process. Extrusion is mainly responsible for the production of drainage pipes, while the triangular shunt is made by liquid injection molding . As a whole product, the difference between the two is to make up for the shortcomings of the other. The injection process can mainly produce some irregular pipes, and the extrusion process can produce some regular pipes, but the raw materials used in the liquid process and The cost of all aspects of equipment will be higher than the cost of extrusion, so when producing regular pipes, a lower-cost extrusion process can be used to produce, and because the solid-liquid injection process is more inclusive and does not exclude extrusion The regular pipeline of the process can flexibly use the two processes to reduce its own cost.
  On the whole, the solid-liquid injection process has some differences from the silicone tube extrusion process in terms of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and production processes. The glue is mainly made by repeated rolling with a banbury machine to soften it but it is also solid. Solid-liquid injection molding equipment has some similarities with its name. It is made by injection molding machine, because the raw material is liquid, and the raw material is filled into the metal mold through the injection nozzle, because the silica gel will be vulcanized by cross-linking factor at a certain temperature. The appearance is determined according to the shape of the customer and the mold. The mold is divided into upper and lower double molds, which are heated and molded at the same time to be vulcanized inside the mold. The silicone tube extrusion process is done on a flat metal fixture by wire cutting or CNC. Processing and cutting into the shape required by customers, vulcanization is vulcanization and molding in ovens and ovens, and solid-liquid injection products will be softer after molding (this has something to do with liquid raw materials, liquid rubber raw materials generally have higher prices and higher quality) Transparency is also relatively better) Because the hardness is low, the product must be relatively soft. Secondly, the transparency is often relatively high, and the hardness of the silicone tube extrusion process is between 30~75°, which is relatively hard compared to the liquid state. , the raw material is solid and will become soft after repeated rolling by the internal mixer, but it cannot reach the liquid state. There are subtle differences between the application fields of the above two processes from mold to vulcanization molding to production principles and products.

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