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The subtle difference between silicone tube extrusion and silicone sheet rolling (Part 2)

  According to industry research, it is found that there is almost no match between silicone tubes and silicone sheets in terms of market and application fields. There is a big difference between the two in terms of pre-production and post-molding. Silicone tube extrusion The process is mainly in the medical equipment, LED and electric power industries, while the rolling of silicone sheets is mainly used in electronics, daily necessities, etc. and the silicone sheet cannot be regarded as a complete set of products before secondary processing. It can be regarded as an alternative and uncommon among all silicone products.
  The difference between the silicone tube process and the silicone sheet process:
1. Uses: equivalent to silicone sheets , the market use of silicone tubes is much wider than that of daily life and medical equipment, while the field of silicone sheets is relatively narrow, mainly in electronic products such as some computers and electronic components. wait.
2. Function: Silicone extruded products have a relatively large function and can be mostly used in drainage and sealing, and can be made into drainage medicinal liquid and relatively special liquid. The calendering process can also achieve contact with food and liquid medicine, but it is basically not used because of the particularity of the process, but the silica gel sheet also has its own unique function, that is, heat dissipation and comfortable foot pads.
3. Secondary processing: The post-processing of the calendered silicone sheet has great advantages due to its planar shape. Whether it is die-cutting, anti-static, or spraying silk screen, as long as it is a post-processing silicone that can be used on silicone products All pieces can be applied, and can be die-cut according to customer requirements. Various plane shapes can be processed into various special types of post-processing. The silicone extrusion process is relatively limited to several common secondary processing procedures, but compared with the silicone sheet, it is still inferior.
4. Molding and packaging method: Silicone tubes are cut according to requirements after extrusion and vulcanization. If there is no problem, they can be directly packed in PE bags. If there is dust, they can be properly wiped and removed with white electric oil. Special packagers can support customized packaging . The silicone sheet is not very resistant to dirt when it is first produced, and it is easy to stick to each other, so it needs to be laminated with a PE film during molding, and a release film is required on the back of the silicone sheet to have support. In this way, the product can be dirt-resistant and can be packaged with the support of the release film, so the molding and packaging process of the silicone sheet will be more complicated. If you find that the silicone tube is dusty, remember not to use white electric oil to wipe it, otherwise it will cause damage. The shrinkage of the silicone sheet (it will recover automatically after a while), these are the differences between the silicone tube and the silicone sheet in the forming and packaging step.
5. Appearance shape: This is the best way to distinguish. Extrusion processes such as silicone tubes are generally three-dimensional shapes, and these cross-sectional structures are fixed. The shape of the product will not change from the beginning to the end, even after post-processing. There will be no change in appearance shape. When the silicone tube is produced, it is regarded as a semi-finished product in a flat shape. The default width is 500mm. After post-processing, it will undergo appropriate changes, especially the shape change is particularly large, but the flat state of the silicone sheet will not change no matter how it is processed. have to.
6. Quotation method: Silicone tube extrusion process is quoted by meter or kilogram without secondary processing. If cutting and bonding are carried out, it can be quoted by PCS. The calendering process is based on the area calculation (square) or kilogram quotation, and the PCS quotation is generally used after the die-cutting process.

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