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There are these subtle differences between silicone tube extrusion and silicone molding (Part 1)

  The process of silicone products is mainly divided into: extrusion, molding, calendering, solid-liquid, each has its own characteristics, especially extrusion and molding are very complementary. For example, some stethoscope silicone tubes, silicone diversion, silicone heating tubes and other products are all through the two They are outstanding works that complement each other, but these crafts are different but serve the same goal by different routes and serve the development of various industries. Now let’s talk about the relationship between the extrusion process of some silicone tubes and the common molding process.
  The difference between the extrusion process of silicone tube, silicone strip and other silicone molded products:
1. From the point of view of use: Silicone tubes can meet some daily drainage and anti-pressure functions. The shape must have specifications and lengths, such as round, square, e-shaped, Japanese-shaped, etc. The length also needs to be longer. It can be short, but it must have a complete extrusion process product after meeting these simple requirements, while silicone products are more diversified and can be customized according to needs. There are more methods of action than extrusion (silicone tubes can also be customized) that is to say Shape rules can be customized at will, some messy products can also have appropriate length (but not infinitely long)
2. Hardware moulds: custom-made products are bound to need to be molded separately. Molds for extrusion processes such as silicone tubes are relatively simple and only need to be wire-cut on a flat metal fixture according to customer requirements and then properly polished. The general cost is also low. The cost is not expensive as long as it is controlled at around 300~1500 , which also includes the proofing fee, and the mold of the silicone tube/strip is universal, so it is no problem to recycle it many times. The mold of silicone products is mainly divided into two parts. One is that the cost of the sample mold is not expensive between 500~2000, while the mold cost for the production of large products is as high as 5000~50000 and is relatively heavy. Most of them are made of steel 55C, including CNC. , Polishing, cutting and other complicated processes lead to the cost of molding process dies several times higher than extrusion dies.
3. Molding process: The silicone tube needs to be extruded by an extruder for the first vulcanization, and then it is vulcanized and formed in a drying tunnel several meters long, and is directly pushed forward through the cutting aperture of the hardware mold through the spiral tube of the machine head. It is formed, so the molding steps of the silicone tube extrusion process are not complicated, and the main thing is to operate carefully. Silicone molded products are made on a molding machine that weighs several tons. First, the bulky hardware fixtures need to be installed on the operating table of the molding machine to close the mold for heating, and then spray some Teflon to remove debris and rust stains. Then heat until it reaches the temperature that can vulcanize the silica gel. Therefore, the silicone tube extrusion process is vulcanized in the drying tunnel, while the silicone product is vulcanized in a high-temperature hardware fixture.
4. Post-processing: The extrusion process of the silicone tube is infinitely long, and then the second cutting is performed according to the length required by the customer, or after cutting, it is bonded to indicate that the product can be subjected to a variety of secondary processing after extrusion, and post-processing There are many manufacturing techniques. Silicone products belong to a one-step process, which can directly omit the post-processing process, which is a particularly streamlined method.

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