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How many kilograms of bursting pressure can the silicone woven tube of the coffee machine withstand?

  Coffee machines are imported from abroad and are popular all over the world to bring people mellow, refreshing drinks, which can greatly save the time of making coffee. This fully automatic process is carried out under high temperature and high pressure, and silica gel is a high temperature resistant The material can not only meet the requirements of food grade but also can be braided to resist compression, which is a perfect fit for coffee machines, but it needs to meet the requirements of compression before it can be installed and used. So far, the general compression requirements of coffee machines are 30~40KG. If we do not use weaving technology, we can only use it alone. Silicone tubes for drainage cannot meet the requirements. The conventionally used silicone tubes have low burst pressure but meet the requirements. Then weave on the outside of the silicone tubes to help the silicone tubes resist pressure.
  After weaving, the silicone transmits the internal pressure of the coffee machine to the braid, and the braid is woven with a mesh structure to subdivide the pressure to other braids to prevent rupture under higher pressure impacts. There is often a layer of silicone tube on the outside of the braid , which can circulate the pressure in the three links of silicone, braid, and outer silicone so that each surface can bear the pressure on average, but there is also an upper limit. The silicone braided tube of the coffee machine can withstand the blasting pressure. It should not exceed 45 kg and try to control it between 25 and 30 kg. This is an ideal guideline for the use of burst pressure.
  The silicone braided tube needs to withstand the high-pressure environment of the coffee machine to reach FDA food grade, so the manufacturer will use high-transparency and high-quality silicone materials to make it when it is extruded, so there is no need to worry about safety issues, and the problem can be solved from the source. In addition, there is a method that can slightly increase the upper limit of the blasting pressure and perform secondary vulcanization on the original basis. Usually, after the secondary vulcanization, the original burst pressure of about 30-35 kg increases to ≥ 38 kg. After weaving The outer tube will be a little loose. At this time, the silicone will be re-vulcanized. The entire silicone braided tube will shrink and fit very tightly, so that each compression point will be more precise and uniform, and it will not easily break.
  Silicone braided tubes for coffee machines are more pressure-bearing than other braided tubes because the diameter is relatively small and the pressure entering the tube is not large, resulting in a relatively high blasting pressure per square meter of silica gel, so the pressure is higher than other braided tubes. In addition, the size of the silicone braided tube will directly affect the pressure bearing. For example, the smaller the size of the silicone braided tube for a coffee machine, the higher the pressure resistance. The mainstream sizes are 3*8, 4*8, 4*9, and 5*11. The wall thicknesses are 2.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm respectively. The thicker wall thickness will naturally have higher compression resistance than the thinner wall thickness. The diameter of the pipe should not be too large to meet the daily use specifications, but the more it is, the higher its resistance to pressure will be. To sum up, the factors that can affect the blasting pressure of the silicone braided tube of the coffee machine are: braid, product size, secondary sulfur addition, and wall thickness. If these four aspects are done without problems, it can reach ≥38 The pressure above kilograms is very high in most silicone braided tubes.

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