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Positioning of Silicone Tube in the 5G Communication Era (Part 2)

  Under the influence of the 5G cellular mobile network, the transmission speed of the message is faster and the frequency is higher than that of the previous 4G. If the quality of the selected material is not stable enough, the data transmission will be seriously delayed. The choice is undoubtedly a wise move, which has been proved many times in practice. In addition, silicone companies are also actively responding to the research and development of a variety of products tailored for 5G communications, hoping to contribute to the 5G communications from the strength of the silicone products industry. Next, I will briefly talk about the rest of the silicone products.
  1.5G communication optical fiber cable package: roughly speaking, the silicone winding tube , in the process of high-frequency data transmission of the communication cable, needs a layer of silica gel protection to prevent the surface of the communication optical fiber in some dark underground and wet soil for a long time Corrosion damages the optical fiber or delays the message. The silicone winding tube is also one of the precision components that are secondary processed after the output silicone is extruded. The product has relatively high requirements and needs to maintain elasticity for a long time and be cut by a cutting machine in a corrugated shape. This is done. In order to facilitate the maintenance and upgrade of the communication optical fiber in the later stage. After comparing and selecting various materials, it is determined to use silica gel as the first layer of protection for communication optical fibers. Silicone is flexible and not easy to yellow, and can keep working for a long time even if it is buried underground for a long time.
  2. Communication cable ceramic silicone tube: some ceramic silicone tubes will be used in the communication terminal cable part. In case the communication terminal catches fire and the temperature exceeds 450°, the font will harden and form a solid ceramic shell. There will be a burning situation, which can prevent the further expansion of the fire and will rupture and fall off after the flame is extinguished to facilitate replacement and maintenance. This type of product is mainly used on some cables that are more core in 5G communication, and the rest are rarely used. Using ceramic silicone tube. Because 5G communication and other equipment are more sophisticated, some very stable materials are needed to ensure work.
  3. Silicone self-adhesive tape : For the 5G communication field, this category of products is mainly positioned in the category of daily consumables, which need to be replaced and repaired frequently. For example, if the communication fiber is corroded and a small gap can be used, the silicone self-adhesive tape can be used within 24 hours. Internal self-melting achieves the function of sealing and repairing. In addition, it can be used for wrapping or repairing some electronic components in communication set-top boxes.
  The above describes the detailed positioning of the silicone tube in 5G communication and the role of the product. I think that the indispensable figure in the future 5G construction is silicone.

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