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Where is the positioning of silicone hoses in the 5G communication era?

  In the field of 5G communication, there are not only silicone hoses but also many silicone products such as heat-conducting silicone sheets, etc., but the silicone extrusion process still occupies a much larger proportion. The reason why silicone hoses can be unique in the communication field is that Thanks to its own good performance characteristics, there are not many materials that can be sealed, resistant to electric breakdown, insulation, environmental protection, and high elasticity. It just happens that the silicone hose can meet a variety of demanding requirements, which also establishes its positioning. Shaking, and the silicone hose in the field of 5G communication is mainly used in communication circulation transmission pipelines and communication terminal processing, etc. Silicone hoses in different fields of communication will also have different manifestations.
  The main positioning is "communication equipment heat dissipation": there are many electronic components similar to CPU processors inside the communication receiver set-top box, and these CPUs are the core components for processing communication signals. These products will generate heat under high-speed operation. It is easy to damage the set-top box or even cause a fire due to excessive temperature. At this time, it is necessary to use the heat conduction characteristics of the silicone heat conduction sheet and its excellent high and low temperature resistance performance to guide and eliminate the heat generated by the CPU, so that the CPU is in a constant state during operation. Within the tolerable temperature range, the positioning of the heat-conducting silicone sheet in this respect is to deal with the heat generated by the CPU in the communication set-top box so that it can work stably for a long time.
  Second: 5G communication equipment shielding. In this regard, the high requirements for silicone hoses need to be marked. In this process, silicone hoses need to be sprayed and added with special precision. The requirement is that they can not only have shielding performance but also It must have conductive characteristics, and any characteristics of the silicone itself are not allowed to be lost. The representative product is the conductive shielding silicone hose/strip, which is installed in the sealing slot of the 5G communication receiver cabinet to play the three major characteristics of conductive sealing and shielding. The principle is When the communication receiver cabinet handles a large number of messages, it must not be subject to any electromagnetic interference from the outside world. At the same time, it must also shield the information from spreading to the outside world. It is necessary for all seals to have electromagnetic shielding functions. Not only silicone hoses, but also silicone hoses in the field of 5G communication shielding. The main positioning is to ensure the security and stability of message encryption.
  Third: 5G communication high-frequency transmission means that the communication cold-shrinkable silicone hose can protect the message transmission process from external influences, which is similar to the electric cold-shrinkable silicone hose. Communication silicone hose is more common on some communication base station equipment cables. It has the characteristics of high expansion, insulation, and electric breakdown resistance. It uses the expansion feature to wrap the communication terminal cable to avoid being affected by exposure to the air. In addition, the service life of the silicone is relatively long, and it does not need to be frequently replaced during use. , can effectively guarantee the normal operation of communication for a long time.
  In addition, there are many other silicone products in the 5G communication field, including the following winding silicone tubes , conductive shielding sealing strips, thermal grease, etc., which will be announced in the next issue. The above-mentioned silicone tubes are mainly positioned in the 5G communication field for heat dissipation, Protection, sealing, shielding, and conductivity are the main branches of each field, and their product characteristics are also different.
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