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What changes do silicone tubes bring to daily life

  Because the formation of silicone tubes is a modern product compared to plastics, it is very late. The long-term appearance of silicone tubes is mainly in water pipes, because the safety performance of silicone tubes is better than other materials, and the purpose is also very simple to drain drinking water. Realizing that there will be grade distinctions, it is for the purpose of being a substitute for other pipes. With the continuous expansion of the field of use and good feedback, the market has gradually formed. So far, silicone pipes have appeared in all aspects of life, ranging from aviation power to stationery and home appliances. Silicone tubes are precipitated in many fields to form products with different characteristics, which bring more convenient use and a safer environment to daily life. The following introduces what changes different types of silicone tubes will bring to our daily life.
  The series of food-grade silicone tubes include silicone braided tubes : the changes brought about by these products are the most intuitive and clear. The water pipes used at home, the internal drainage tubes of water dispensers, the catheters of coffee machines, the straws of feeding bottles, and the straws of water cups, etc., these household appliances are needed It is composed of silicone tubes. In the early days, the water tubes were made of plastic or PVC with trace radiation, which would affect the human body and cause drinking water to have a smell. Later, food-grade silicone tubes were used instead, and it was found that there was no smell, and the drinking water It is in line with the international FDA food-grade requirements, and then it began to be gradually promoted. Later, in order to solve the problem of excessive water pressure and high-pressure pipes, food-grade silicone braided tubes were developed on the basis of silicone tubes, and the quality was improved under the premise of ensuring the safety of daily life. , These products bring changes to ensure people's drinking safety and practicality.
  Medical silicone tube : as the name implies, it is used in medical applications such as some nasal feeding tubes, drainage tubes, etc. Medical use represents extremely strict requirements, not all materials can exist in this field, especially some pipelines that need to enter the human body and some operations The pipeline used. Medical silicone tube is also the earliest product that silicone enters people's field of vision, and it is also the foundation of silicone products, which can directly affect health and safety. After so many years of using silicone tubes, it has also proved that the value it brings to people is to directly protect life safety.
  Industrial Silicone Tube: Silicone appears in many fields because of its unique characteristics and safety and stability. Industrial fields will naturally appear, such as mechanical equipment, lighting power, aerospace, automobiles and trains, etc. This is a very large market. The field can’t cover everything and can only be analyzed in a unified way. Maybe mechanical equipment is used less in the hands of ordinary people, and everyone knows little about silicone tubes for aerospace, automobiles and trains. People who have more contact may be lighting and electricity. Most of them are silicone tubes. For example, electric silicone tubes can play an insulating role to prevent people from getting an electric shock during contact to ensure the safety of electricity use. It is to wrap a layer of silicone tubes on the surface of copper rods that circulate high-voltage currents, which can effectively prevent high-voltage currents from breaking down the silicone. In addition, the service life of the power silicone tube is relatively long, which means that the frequency of replacing cables in daily life is reduced and can save money. As for lighting silicone tubes, every household must have some lamps, such as some panel lights, bathroom lights, line lights, etc. These products may not be able to see the silicone tubes. In fact, the silicone tubes in these products ensure the normal operation of these lamps. , although it is not intuitive, but has been working silently behind the scenes, ensuring the operation of these lamps directly guarantees the "brightness" in daily life
  In short, the change brought about by the silicone tube is intuitive and behind it. It has been working in a variety of products and usage scenarios. As a "transparent product", it has been affected by people's lack of "transparency".
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