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Revealing the Insider of a New Food Grade Silicone Straw

  The new food-grade silicone straw product design is novel and the starting point is to be convenient and friendly to the people, and the appearance is novel. It can be opened to clean and directly save the production cost of the traditional silicone straw. Opening and closing process Extrusion process is flexible and convenient to use. Under normal circumstances, the use of closed sealing can drain water without leaking. In the case of opening, it can be cleaned and disinfected at will, which can save some costs.
  The performance of any silicone product depends on its performance parameters. Now let’s reveal the inside story of this open-ended food-grade silicone straw product. First of all, it is certain that the product is made of gas-phase silica gel + platinum technology and needs to meet the requirements of the food-grade FDA. In addition, from the perspective of extrusion technology, the specification can be customized within the range of 1-70mm. At present, this food-grade silicone straw The main specifications are inner diameter 6mm, wall thickness 1.5mm, outer diameter 9mm, length 200mm, length 250mm, another slightly larger specification is inner diameter 8mm, wall thickness 1.5mm, outer diameter 11mm, length 220, 250mm. The hardness is controlled within the range of 60~70°±5°. If the hardness of the product is too low, the open-type food-grade silicone straw will not have enough strength to support and become bent. Properly increasing the hardness will allow the product to maintain its toughness. It will cause deformation and bending due to insufficient support force, and it will not affect normal use due to excessive hardness.
  Tear strength: Because the open-type food-grade silicone straw adopts the opening process and is easily torn by external forces during the cleaning process, the tear strength has become a necessary strategy for a qualified silicone straw. When the hardness increases, the food The tear strength of the high-grade silicone straw will decrease, which means that the tear strength is related to the product hardness. According to the normal 70°, the tear strength is ≥20KN/m.
  Odor: Platinum vulcanization is used, and after secondary vulcanization, food-grade silicone straws do not have odor, and once the product has a peculiar smell, it is already in the category of defective products. Therefore, at the beginning of production, the requirements for odor control are extremely strict. All products need to be fully inspected manually. Once the odor is found, sulfur will be added again to remove the odor.
  Color: Because the food-grade silicone straw is an appearance part, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the product, we will try our best to make a variety of colorful surfaces, but we must also maintain safety under the gorgeous appearance, so the color masterbatch addition ratio and color of the product selection The safety of the parent material is extremely demanding.
  At present, these products have two categories, each category has two sizes, and each size has seven colors. The two categories are wrapped food-grade silicone straws and snap-on food-grade silicone straws. These two types are new products that have not appeared on the market. The size of each product is introduced above, mainly 6*9*250, 8*11*250mm, of course, it also supports customized production of other specifications, the color only needs to provide the masterbatch model according to the Pantone number or provide samples.

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