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The service life of transparent imported peristaltic pump silicone hose is beyond imagination

There are two main reasons that can affect the service life of the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump. One is whether the liquid composition of the drainage contains strong acid and alkali, and the power of the second peristaltic pump is recommended not to exceed 600N/   min . Avoid these causes of great damage to the silicone rubber. The service life of the peristaltic pump silicone tube reaches an unimaginable ≥14ays (days) within a reasonable range of use. As one of the special silicone rubber products, the product and application direction are relatively single. , almost 70%~80% of the market is used on peristaltic pumps, and the other parts are used in special field markets. The testing equipment for measuring the life of peristaltic pump silicone tubes is not uniform. Up to now, it is still based on the actual product measurement of each unit (not Third-party testing), since there is no standardized third-party testing in the industry, it can only be tested by the respective testing equipment to determine the product life of the peristaltic pump silicone tube, and the testing equipment and power of each company are inconsistent natural testing results It is also varied, which will to a certain extent affect the customer's measurement of the life of the peristaltic pump silicone tube product, so there will be shoddy products that are not uncommon. Under the banner of high-life peristaltic pump silicone tubing, it was taken advantage of.
  The so-called peristaltic pump silicone tube is mainly composed of imported raw materials and its chemical factors are stable. Adjust the rotation speed of the peristaltic pump to 600N/min, and then put the two ends of the tube in some neutral acid-base liquid to actually test the service life. The duration must be more than 14 days without rupture and water leakage. In addition, all other silicone hose products will not reach the silicone hose of the peristaltic pump. Even in a corrosive acid-base environment, the life span is unimaginable. Another is the service life of the product under normal conditions. The silicone tube of the peristaltic pump has the same life as ordinary silicone in an environment of acid, alkali or vibration, because the cross-linking factor of the silicone has not changed because of the change. The peristaltic pump silicone tube is only in the ordinary silicone On the basis of the tube, a certain characteristic is changed. Let’s just say that the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump drains some liquid in an environment with a relatively fast vibration speed, and the service life will be far longer than that of ordinary silicone tubes.
  The composition of the drainage liquid will appropriately affect the life of the product. Most of the products are used in the GMP pharmaceutical field, and pharmaceuticals are divided into internal use (no acid and alkali corrosion) and external use (potassium permanganate, alcohol, disinfectant, etc.) There will be slight corrosion), and the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump will be affected by the drainage liquid under the same rotation speed, and the filling with pharmaceutical liquid for long-term drainage will be eroded and corroded a little bit. The wall thickness is corroded (the thinner the wall thickness The easier it is to be shaken by the number of revolutions of the peristaltic pump), so the product life will decrease rapidly and the rupture time will be advanced. Therefore, if you use the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump to drain some external corrosive liquids, it is recommended to increase the wall thickness to slow down the erosion speed and improve the service life in order not to reduce the service life.

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