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Double-layer pressure-resistant silicone woven tube with astonishing compressive strength

  The function design principle of the silicone braided tube product is to use the traditional silicone tube to achieve the effect of high pressure resistance through a special process. The silicone tube will break directly when it passes through such high pressure. Increasing the wall thickness can also increase the compressive capacity appropriately, but it is far from meeting the requirements. Only by adding braided wires can the silica gel maintain a stable network structure under compressive conditions. Without breaking, a layer of silicone outer tube is put on to strengthen the overall pressure resistance, so that the high pressure resistance characteristics can be obtained.
  In addition to the amazing pressure resistance, its bending radius effect is also very good. In the water dispenser enterprise user scenario, the pipe used to guide water is a silicone tube. This kind of silicone tube needs to withstand ordinary water pressure. There is no problem, but the support force of the silicone tube Insufficiency is very easy to cause the pressure to stop suddenly during work. The silicone tube will be sucked by the negative pressure and bend and deform. If the silicone tube of the water dispenser is bent during work, the water will not be able to continue to flow and be blocked. Replace it with a silicone braid. Because the tube has a braided wire and two layers of silicone tubes as the supporting force, and the braided wire is regularly and precisely woven without stretchability, the bending capacity is greatly improved and can reach 35~200mm without clogging.
  The compressive capacity of the silicone braided tube is divided into positive and negative pressure. If it is resistant to positive pressure, it is a little easier to handle, and it needs to braid a layer of fiber wire outside the inner tube to extrude the outer tube. The negative pressure resistance is more difficult to deal with. The braided wire needs to be very stable without any expansion space and has a certain supporting force. For example, the steel wire silicone braided tube has amazing negative pressure resistance and good positive pressure resistance. Function.
  At present, most of the work is based on positive pressure and the blasting pressure needs to reach 12~38 kg. The larger the inner diameter of the silicone braided tube, the lower the compressive capacity will be. The smaller the inner diameter, the higher the compressive capacity. The pressure is based on the pressure per cubic meter. Calculation, so when the inner diameter becomes smaller, the gas that can pass through will be smaller, but the pressure per cubic meter will not change, so the pressure resistance of small-diameter products is often stronger than that of large-diameter products, and the large-diameter silicone braided tube can pass through at one time. If the pressure is too high and the silica gel and the fiber thread have not changed, it will burst under the gas, so it is suitable for use between 12-25 kg. If you want a product with very strong pressure resistance, you can properly increase the wall thickness and change the braided thread. . No matter how complicated the environment is and how high the pressure is, as long as you make good use of and understand the silicone braided tube, you can deal with it calmly, you can replace the inner bend tube, you can change the braid, and you can also change the production process. These methods are flexible and in fact silicone braided Tubes are more than adequate for many requirements.

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