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Method for treating dust on the surface of silicone tubing

  The solution to extruding the silicone tube to absorb dust is actually very simple, but it must be operated reasonably. The easiest way is to see the silicone tube placed flat in a clean environment and the air circulation will weaken the adsorption value. The longer the storage time, the better the adsorption capacity of the silicone tube. Weak, which is why we see in our daily life that the silicone tubes that have been used for a period of time do not absorb dust, but the brand-new silicone tubes just absorb dust. Therefore, for manufacturers, the storage environment requirements for silicone tubes are relatively strict. No matter in terms of any link of silicone tubes, sticky dust is not allowed. For silicone tubes with dust and impurities, follow-up cleaning operations are required.
  Dust treatment method 1: Alcohol wiping method is one of the most widely used soil methods at present. The advantage is that it is economical and easy to operate. It should be noted that the surface of the silicone tube will be much cleaner after being wiped with alcohol, but at the same time it will stimulate the adsorption value of the silica gel and cause stickiness. The speed of sticky dust and impurities is accelerated again, so it is recommended to quickly pack the silicone tube into a clean and sealed environment after wiping it with alcohol, such as PE bags, cartons, etc. Do not expose it to dusty environments again, and alcohol is dangerous One of the chemical products requires the user to undergo professional training before using alcohol to wipe the dust on the surface of the silicone tube.
  Treatment method 2: Whitening oil is frequently used in calendering, molding, and liquid-solid injection processes. The advantage is that whitening oil has a very strong cleaning ability, especially for silicone products. A little drop of whitening oil is very effective when wiped with absorbent cotton cloth However, it should be noted that white electric oil has certain corrosive properties but is quickly dried, so the operator needs to wear gloves when using white electric oil to wipe the dust on the surface of the silicone tube, and cannot wipe the silicone tube with white electric oil for a long time because It will corrode the surface and increase the positive and negative tolerance of the product size. It is recommended to wipe the white electric oil on the surface of the silicone tube within 3 minutes and let it dry. In conclusion, white electric oil is good, but the amount should be controlled.
  Treatment method three: Put it in the water, if you find that there is dust on the surface of the silicone tube, you can directly cool it and place it in clean water. You can add a small amount of bleach to the water or you can wipe it directly after dozens of minutes without soaking in the water. The advantage is that it is easy to operate and free of cost. There is a requirement for the time to be placed in the water. It cannot be placed under the condition that the silica gel will have residual heat, otherwise it will easily lead to the product tolerance narrowing to the lower limit. After being placed in the water, it needs to be mechanically or naturally air-dried. Shipping speed.
  Treatment method 4: "Pocket surface" process, from the perspective of silicone tube production to solve the situation of surface dust, the product with relatively strong adsorption value is smooth surface products, while the matte surface does not actively vacuum, "Pocket surface" silicone raw material There are differences from normal smooth rubber materials. The surface of the produced products is rough to the touch. Its advantage is that these rough surfaces can effectively isolate the enhancement of the adsorption value, but the surface of "pockmarked" material products does not have the aesthetics of smooth products. This is the downside.
  Treatment method 5: post-processing oil spraying: there are many post-processing procedures for silicone tubes since they are produced. Oil spraying is one of them. Spray a layer of special oily substance on the surface of the silicone tube. Among the treatment methods, the best non-vacuum and non-sticky dust will improve the aesthetics to a higher level. The point to note is that the cost increases. The silicone tube is a round product. For the fuel injection process, it is difficult to spray evenly and the bottom is easy to spray. This makes the fuel injection process not cheap, and the environmental protection ability after fuel injection is also low. will drop a notch.
  Treatment method 6: Air-dry the environment quickly: Dust absorption by the silicone tube mainly occurs during the period when the product will have residual heat, which can be avoided. This method is suitable for food-grade silicone tubes, medical silicone tubes , etc. that must be sulfurized twice. The product is also suitable for conventional products, and scientific methods can be used to cleverly stagger the period of time. After the product is formed, a high-power electric fan can be added near the place where it is placed, and the environment can be mechanically forced to dry naturally. ability.
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