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7 * 10 transparent silicone catheter production method

  Let’s first talk about the impact of the extrusion process on the transparent silicone catheter. The extrusion part of the product introduced now accounts for 60%. Except for the Y-shaped port, the rest of the components are made by the extrusion process. The cross-section of the product is divided into two The upper part is used to observe the status of the user at all times through monitoring equipment such as monitoring probes, while the lower part of the silicone catheter is a small semicircle, which is used to guide liquid medicine or blood, and is also used as a hemostatic balloon Yes, the caliber is much smaller than the upper part, but it is the core part of the whole set of products. The reason why it is not made larger is that it is necessary to control the diversion and drainage speed at all times so that it cannot be too fast or too slow. The extrusion part of the medical silicone catheter is made of 60°-70° rubber material, all of which are made of sterile grade silicone raw materials, and the production environment is in a clean room. It can be understood that the transparent silicone catheter is dust-free from the raw material to the factory. The safety and practicability of the products that are effectively guaranteed in the workshop, if there are suspended particles less than 10 microns on the surface of the transparent silicone catheter, it will be judged as unqualified, and the dust carriers in the air will fly freely and be exposed to this Naturally, products in this environment will inevitably be corroded and directly affect users through contact with transparent silicone catheters. This must be avoided. This is also the impact of the production environment on transparent silicone catheters, and transparent silicone catheters are highly transparent products that can be seen by naked eyes when used. It is clearer to see through the pipeline and it is easier to observe the flow of liquid. Transparent silicone does not add any color glue or masterbatch, so there is no need to worry about the qualitative change of the product. It can be used more comfortably and at ease.

After the extrusion process of the transparent silicone catheter is completed, the molding process needs to be coordinated to make the Y-shaped port and the extrusion drainage pipe run-in. First, the jig is opened according to the inner and outer diameters of the Y-shaped tube and the requirements, and the high-transparent molding raw material is preheated at high   temperature . Re-add sulfur together with the pipeline for a few minutes before demoulding. During the whole process, since the silicone tube is hollow, the rubber material will be softened and flow into the airport silicone tube during the high-temperature molding process, which will block the tube and make it impossible. The same is true for the drainage Y-shaped port, so in the process of making the jig, special attention must be reserved to avoid blockage. After the transparent silicone catheter is demoulded, it needs to be removed. The aesthetics are affected, this is because the jig is divided into upper and lower parts and there are some very small pore gaps during the running-in process, especially at the position of the running-in line, because these gaps cause the silica gel to flow into the gap for vulcanization molding, so in The design of the jig for the transparent silicone catheter requires that the positive and negative tolerances be as small as possible.
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