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Process flow of electric power cold shrink silicone rubber pipe sleeve support strip

  After extrusion, after cutting (according to customer requirements), expansion machine is required to assist in expansion, and brute force cannot be used. First, you need to know whether the expander expands the electric cold-shrinkable silicone tube or the communication cold-shrinkable silicone tube. There is not much difference in appearance between the two before expansion, so the expansion ratio is the first thing to be determined. The first step in this process: Expansion ratio, power cold-shrinkable silicone tube expansion ≤ 500%, so it can not expand 700% like communication tubes, once more than 500% power cold-shrinkable silicone tube is prone to rupture and product damage. The second step is expansion. Before the expansion, it is necessary to insert the force-bearing claws of the expansion machine into the inner diameter of the electric cold-shrinkable silicone tube to control the expansion ratio. It must be within the range that the product can bear. 500%. When the inner diameter of the expansion ≥ the outer diameter of the support bar, it can be inserted. At this time, the expander shrinks and pulls away, and the electric cold shrinkable silicone tube will use its excellent resilience to rebound quickly. However, since the support bar is already inside the silicone tube, it means that the electric cold shrink The silicone tube cannot be retracted to its original size because of the obstruction of the support bar, and it has not been considered a complete product until now.
  In the process of covering the entire support bar, it is necessary to pay attention to the sharp claws of the expansion machine's force claws, because although the tear strength of silicone is good, it is easy to be pierced by the claws in the process of expanding several times. If it is not expanded before This may be difficult to find, but if it is expanded several times, this point will quickly tear the product and be scrapped directly. This requires that the force-bearing claws be properly wrapped with cloth or other things before operating the expansion machine to avoid puncture. Another point to pay attention to when expanding the electric cold-shrinkable silicone tube is that it needs to be practiced as many times as possible during the rubber practice process and the vacuuming time should be sufficient (don't be greedy for speed, and strictly follow the practice and vacuuming time specifications) , otherwise it is easy to cause air bubbles in the extruded product wall thickness of the electric cold-shrinkable silicone tube. Once the wall thickness bubbles appear, they will be expanded by the expander . The above problems will often appear in the process of electric cold shrinkable silicone sleeve support strips, and the points that need attention are also described in the text. All operations need to be careful. This set of processes is already relatively skilled and mature. Even if there is a problem, it can be improved from some small details, and there may be unexpected results.
The sharp claws of the expansion machine are as shown in the picture below: With

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