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Effect of Foamed Silicone Strip on New Energy Lithium Batteries

  According to data from the China Automobile Association, there were 1.275 million vehicles in China in 2018, and more than 5 million vehicles globally, accounting for nearly half of the country. It has developed so rapidly in just a few years. The safety and practicability of vehicles, especially new energy lithium batteries, have always been concerned by users, and lithium batteries are a thermal management system. The foamed silicone strip under the system is an important door for it.
  Lithium battery thermal management system is the key research object of new energy vehicles, also known as NEV. Once the thermal management system door foam silicone strip is not handled properly, not only the vehicle will not be able to land, but also affect the lithium battery life and vehicle stability. The worst The result is that lithium batteries cannot effectively conduct heat through the foamed silicone strips, causing serious consequences such as lithium battery damage and vehicle fires, and the daily temperature of vehicles parked in direct sunlight can reach 40~100°C (one egg It is conceivable that it can be cooked when knocked on the car cover) At this time, if there is no effective heat dissipation of the foamed silicone strip, it will seriously affect the life of the lithium battery. The foamed silicone strip is one of the last processes in the lithium battery assembly process Its function is not only heat conduction, but also has the effect of flame retardancy and sealing. Lithium batteries are easy to catch fire at high temperature for a long time, and the foamed silicone strip can effectively control the fire inside the lithium battery without causing it to spread and strive for effective processing time. After dealing with internal factors, the foamed silica gel strip should also block external factors and also play a sealing role to prevent water and impurities from affecting the operation of lithium batteries.
  The sealing performance of foamed silicone strips is better than that of conventional silicone strips, so most lithium battery manufacturers use flame-retardant foamed silica gel strips . There is no dead angle at all (the body is similar to a sponge, and it will be squeezed wherever there is a gap). The sealing performance will be improved a lot. Second, the heat conduction from the thermal management system is determined by the size of the contact surface. This is why lithium batteries The reason why a thermally conductive silicone sheet or thermally conductive silicone grease is needed inside, and the foamed silicone strip is subjected to pressure and its deformation increases, resulting in a wider contact surface. The first choice is the reason for the foamed silicone strips.

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