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How to judge the specialized silicone hose for peristaltic pumps

Most of the special silicone hoses and transparent silicone hoses   for peristaltic pumps cannot be judged. According to the market survey, 70~80% of the companies can’t judge, even 10% of the industry still don’t know. Gas-phase rubber silicone tubes are very similar. In addition, the market for silicone hoses for peristaltic pumps is relatively small, so the number of people who can be accurately and effectively distinguished is a small number. Some people directly use gas-phase rubber silicone hoses as silicone hoses for peristaltic pumps. Up to now, the market ratio is still very confusing. The following will introduce some precise and general methods for judging and distinguishing in detail.
  The accurate judgment method of silicone hose for peristaltic pump is summarized as follows
1. Price judgment method: The special silicone hose for peristaltic pumps is mainly made of imported silicone rubber raw materials and supplemented by domestic silicone rubber raw materials. These prices will be higher than those of gas-phase rubber silicone hoses, which is also its market comparison. The reason for the niche is that most companies rarely use such high-priced and high-quality products (except for those with special requirements), so price is one of the evidence judgment methods that can be used for reference.
2. Judgment method of physical test: Usually, the special silicone hose for peristaltic pump can withstand some weak acids and alkalis and some weak corrosive liquids, while other silicone tubes cannot withstand these acid-base contacts for a long time, so it is impossible to judge Under normal circumstances, it can be placed in a weak acid-base environment and the longest-lasting one is the special silicone tube for peristaltic pumps, which can be regarded as a relatively professional judgment method.
3. Mechanical test: Use a peristaltic pump to repeatedly squeeze and rub the hose to see which hose will break first. The reason why it is called a silicone hose for a peristaltic pump has a much longer rupture life than other hoses. Several times or even dozens of times, that is to say, in the pump system, whoever has the longest flexible life is the special silicone hose for peristaltic pumps. The reason why almost all companies take a fancy to this rubber is because of its flexible life in the pump system. The value of silicone hoses for peristaltic pumps is far greater than other hoses.

  Next, for companies that do not have testing equipment and cannot physically judge products, if they cannot make some more accurate judgment methods, then start from the perspectives of appearance, size, and industry. These are relatively vague judgment methods that are not necessarily good. However, they can be roughly distinguished. There are still slight differences in the special silicone hose for peristaltic pumps.
1. Appearance: In the case of the same hardness, there is a general distinction by using transparency: gas phase rubber silicone hose>peristaltic pump special silicone hose>industrial grade silicone hose. Another way to judge the appearance is to carefully observe the product, although it is transparent but not clear. (It is difficult to see through from the outside of the tube to the back side), while the gas-phase rubber tube can be seen through at a glance, and the industrial grade is completely invisible (as shown in the figure below).
The left side is the special silicone hose for peristaltic pump, and the right side is the gas phase rubber silicone hose
2. Dimensions and specifications: In the peristaltic pump industry, all accessories and pipes have popular names, and these names have formed a fixed size specification. If the pipe is not in the size specification table, there is a high probability that the product is not a silicone hose for peristaltic pumps. (Except for custom-made ones), for example, the basic flow type hose 16# tube is the name in the industry, its specification is 3.1*6.3, 17# tube is 6.4*9.6, 25# tube is 4.8*8, etc. So you can use the peristaltic pump The size specification table of the special silicone hose can be initially judged by corresponding it. The specification table is as follows (for reference only)
3. Field: As mentioned earlier, the companies that use silicone hoses for peristaltic pumps are relatively small, and they are not easily seen in the market. They are mainly used in weak acid and alkali resistance, GMP pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, fine chemicals, etc. Fields, special envoy functional products that are not in these fields or do not need it are hardly peristaltic pump tubing.
  In general, the special silicone hose for peristaltic pump is a very targeted product, and the quality is higher than other hoses (after all, it is imported rubber). The method of judgment is not difficult as long as it is correctly grasped. differentiated.
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