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Colored silicone universal elbow for faucet

The silicone universal elbow is a silicone hose   before it is expanded . The principle is to use the power expansion process on the hardware hose and finally land it in daily life. The place where the silicone universal elbow is used in the family is above the sink. The skin of the hardware hose, now after assembling the colored silicone hose on the hardware, it will look pleasing to the eye and make it more comfortable to use.
  In addition, the silicone universal elbow stands out among many competing materials due to its excellent tensile properties and safety. The main specifications of the hose of the faucet are 10.5mm, 11.5mm, 12.8mm, 15.8mm, 16mm, 20mm, and the inner diameter of the silicone universal elbow is generally 0.25~1mm smaller than the outer diameter of the hose, so that the silicone is slightly The expansion has enough shrinkage force to hug the hose. The reason for this is that there will be some positive and negative tolerances in the production process of the silicone universal elbow (any product will have), so it is necessary to use the expansion performance of the silicone as much as possible. Make it smaller, so that the silicone universal bend can hug the hardware hose and solve the problem of positive and negative tolerances of the product, otherwise it will easily cause the silicone universal bend to not match the outer diameter of the hose and it will be very loose The whole is not coordinated at all. In order to cope with the diversification of the outer diameter of the hose, the silicone universal elbow has been followed closely. For various specifications, we will also prepare a variety of silicone universal elbows. Not only that, each specification will have a variety of colors To meet the needs of different industries.
The expansion sleeve of the silicone tube on the surface of the hardware hose can be bent and twisted arbitrarily, which can protect the shock absorption:

  The excellent tensile properties of the silicone universal elbow cannot be ignored. After the silicone is put on the hose, it will twist randomly during work. This should take into account whether the silicone universal elbow will break, and I can tell you clearly that it will not Reasons: 1. Conventional silica gel working pressure can reach ≥ 5Mpa, and the elongation at break can reach ≥ 300%, and the tear strength can reach ≥ 18KN/m. These data are the conclusions drawn by strict third-party testing agencies. The test report can be provided at any time, and the tensile strength required by the hose will not be higher than 5Mpa, and the working pressure is about 1Mpa. All the above data prove that the silicone universal elbow can meet the bending and kink in daily life. cause rupture
  Another reason is that the traditional strong point of silicone is safety. The reason why it is called the silicone universal elbow for faucets means that the product must come into contact with water in daily work, and some are indirect contact such as catering and kitchen utensils. They are all closely related to human health, so they need to be very safe and cannot be used at will and are volatile or harmful to the human body. As a kind of silicone products, the silicone universal elbow can also have very good safety to be unanimously recognized.