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Flame retardant silicone strip, also known as fireproof self-extinguishing silicone strip

  According to the network survey in 2018, a total of 237,000 fires were received across the country, directly causing damage to property of 3.675 billion, 1,407 deaths and 798 injuries. This is a lot of dazzling data. will decrease? Can it be reduced if flame retardant silicone strips can be used? Adding a flame retardant to some silicone strips can achieve the effect of fire prevention and self-extinguishing. Why not add it? A large part of these fires are due to the fact that the plastics of household appliances, some seals, and wooden decorations are the main combustibles, especially the large fires caused by electrical failures and careless use account for more than 50%. There are so many silicone strips available, any flame retardant silicone strips that can reach UL-V0, UL-V1, UL-V2 grades will reduce the burning speed of combustibles or achieve the effect of fire prevention and self-extinguishing, which is very Effectively reduce the risk.
  The flame retardant silicone strip needs to pass the combustion test to be judged as flame retardant. Not any product can be called a flame retardant silicone strip after adding a flame retardant. The test method is very strict and mainly divided into vertical burning and horizontal burning. Flame retardant grades such as V0 and V1 are further divided into vertical combustion series, which require flame retardant silicone strips to achieve self-extinguishing effects within a specified time before they can be counted as flame retardant silicone strip products. In a small range of flames, the flame can be completely extinguished, so there is no need to worry about this problem at all, so the flame-retardant silicone strip is used as the first threshold for fire prevention and self-extinguishing.
Flame retardant silica gel strip detection instructions:

  Add appropriate flame retardants and other additives to the product during the kneading process, remember to control it according to a strict ratio, otherwise it will easily lead to a series of problems such as dead glue, hardening, and brittleness of the product. For example, the flame retardant V0 level should be in one kilogram of silica gel How much to add, how much V1 level should be added, etc. These formulas can be inquired in the industry. It must be used within the specified time, otherwise the product will not be flame retardant and lose its effect after extrusion, because the flame retardant needs to be vulcanized with the silica gel cross-linking factor, and once this cross-linking time period has passed, the flame retardant and silica gel will be separated In this case, the flame-retardant silicone strips produced will form a certain part that will be flame-retardant and a certain part will not be flame-retardant. For extrusion production, if there are irresistible factors, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator to inhibit the cross-linking time and force it to slow down and use it up in a short time. will cause it to be non-flammable.

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