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Introduction to Personalized Customized Open Type Portable Silicone Straw

  Silicone straws have rapidly become popular in various consumer goods fields in recent years and have become a hot-selling product. The product introduced today is also a member of the silicone straw family, but it is not a conventional product but a personalized product. , adhering to the basics of safety, environmental protection, conservation, and convenience, today's open-type portable silicone straws have been formed. Today's silicone straw field can be described as the era of a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred birds contending, such as plastic straws, silicone straws, hardware straws, and new material straws abound. Silicone straw.
  The difference between open-type silicone straws and traditional silicone straws is that it can omit the brush, which is more convenient to clean. Traditional silicone straws usually need to be cleaned with a brush after use, which is very troublesome and will increase the cost of using silicone straws. Open-type silicone straws At the beginning of the design, it is divided into a male groove and a female groove. The two can complement each other. They need to be closed when in use, but they need to be separated when cleaning. What does it mean? It is equivalent to opening a slit in the middle of the traditional silicone straw and designing a layer of card slots at both ends of the slit. One slot is called the male slot and the other is the female slot, because the silicone straw needs to be cleaned by the naked eye when cleaning the tube. It is impossible to observe whether the inner tube is clean, giving people a sense of "unsafety", which makes people feel unclean and unhygienic, and this open-type silicone straw can avoid the birth of this "unsafety" because it is an openable and portable straw. Avoid silicone straws, even in the cleaning process more completely than traditional silicone straws.
  As mentioned above, the open-type silicone straw is a groove made on the traditional silicone straw. Whether this groove can be sealed and water-tight during the transportation of liquid is the key. Basically, no matter how friendly your design is, it will lose its practicality. It is defined as an unqualified product. It has been thought of when the product just came out. After the actual product test, it is concluded that it can achieve the effect of sealing and water-tightness. After repeated closing, opening and cleaning, it can still achieve water-tightness. This means that Open-type silicone straws are not valid for long-term use or water leakage.
  In short, the open-type silicone straw is a representative product of personalized customized straws. The first impression it gives many people is that it is alternative and innovative. It can also be improved on the basis of traditional straws. Can the open-type silicone straw Let's look forward to bringing the whole silicone straw revolution again.
Open-type personalized silicone straw product physical picture:

The second generation of colored silicone straw product picture is as follows: With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone straws