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How should silicone foam handle and EVA foam handle be distinguished?

  Silicone foam grips are made of silica gel as the base material with foaming process and platinum vulcanization system. The main market is overseas. EVA foam is a branch of modified plastics. It is mostly used in China, precisely because of the market distribution. The reason is that many domestic companies rarely come into contact with silicone foam grips and do not know what is the correct silicone foam and what is EVA foam. Although the two are very similar, there is basically no connection between them. The value of silica gel in the market is often higher than that of other materials, or because of the unit price of silica gel foam grips, many companies have no way to choose. The other The reason is that EVA foam grips are mistaken for silicone by many companies, but it is not the case, because we have received many samples from customers who told us that this is a silicone foam grip, especially an EVA foam. This kind of problem will only occur if there is not enough understanding, and what I want to talk about today is to help many companies avoid detours, so that everyone can fully understand what is the real silicone foam grip.
  1. The difference between silicone foam grips and EVA foam grips lies in the "surface". The difference between a silicone foam grip and an EVA foam grip in one direction at the same time is immediately noticeable. Silicone samples are not There will be wrinkles and grooves, and the surface will not change, and the EVA foam handle will have obvious wrinkles and grooves when it is kinked. This is one of the ways to distinguish. That's because the silicone foam grip adopts a high-density foaming process, generally above 0.5 and combined with closed-cell foam, so there is enough support when it is twisted, no matter how you twist it, no wrinkles will appear.
The following is a comparison picture of the product (the left is EVA foam grip, the right is silicone foam grip): the upper is

EVA foam grip, the lower is silicone foam grip : how to distinguish between kinks
  2. This is an experiment that is quite curious for many engineering research and development. A piece of equal weight is pressed on the silicone foam grip and the EVA foam grip respectively, and after several days or even months, the weight is removed. Open, the naked eye can see that the silicone foam grip can return to its original size in a few seconds, while the EVA foam grip will lose its elasticity after several months of compression. It takes a lot of time to restore the original size. Recovery, this is the preliminary method of compression set test. After testing by a third-party testing agency, the compression permanent change (25%) of the silicone foam grip is ≤10, but the EVA foam grip is not clear.
  3. Tearing, it can be simply understood to use brute force to tear the sample. Anyone can try this method of distinction. You can use force on the ports on both sides of the silicone foam grip and the EVA foam grip to see which sample is which. Crack first. According to our own measurement, under the same wall thickness and specifications, the EVA foam grip will be torn apart quickly (no need to use a lot of force), while the silicone foam grip is almost inseparable. In summary, the silicone foam grip is torn The strength is far greater than that of EVA foam grips, whether it is a sample or a large product, you will know it once you try it.
The picture below shows the physical tear test method of the silicone foam grip (almost impossible to tear), while the EVA foam grip can be torn off easily
  4. Practicality, because foam grip products are mostly used outdoors and need to be exposed to sunlight for a long time, and EVA foam grips will rapidly reduce their lifespan in this environment and will break and change color, while silicone foam grips With good performance, it can be used for a long time in the environment of -40~200°, and it can also experience wind, rain and sunlight outdoors, and its practicality will not change due to changes (except for special circumstances).
  5. Beautiful and comfortable: Silicone foam handles can be polished and chamfered after production, and can also be double-color extruded. The follow-up purpose of all this is to improve the competitiveness and comfort of the product. After grinding, the surface will be frosted. Adding some friction can also achieve the satisfaction of sweat absorption. Of course, EVA foam grips can also meet these requirements, but in terms of comfort, I personally think that the effect of polishing silicone foam grips is better.
Both sides are chamfered and the surface is polished as follows

. The actual picture of the mixed-color molded product is as follows:

  So when you have doubts about the product or can't distinguish it, I hope these can help useful people. In addition, the silicone foam grip has successfully obtained FDA (food safety testing certification), which is undoubtedly another major sublimation of the product. Because silicone foam grips belong to the rising star EVA foam grips have penetrated into various fields, which shows that both are excellent products in the manufacturing industry and are worth promoting.
  With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone foam grips