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Silicone water barrier cannot be waterproof? The manufacturer comes to reveal the secret

  Waterproofing is a complete system rather than a single component that can meet the waterproofing requirements. Multiple components such as die-casting parts, sealing materials, and silica gel are combined together to cooperate closely with each other for waterproofing. To put it bluntly, waterproofing is actually through the entire structure. The waterproof system can block and isolate moisture, water, fog, etc. from the outside world, and protect or reduce the damage of the target object.
  What is certain is that the silicone water retaining strip is definitely waterproof in the entire waterproof system, otherwise there would not be so many companies using silica gel as the primary sealing material. Silicone itself is a kind of insulating sealing material and so are its products. . Taking a few practical cases of silicone water retaining strips will be relatively easy to understand: shower room silicone water retaining strips, if there is no silicone water retaining strips, the water in the shower room will often overflow out of bounds, and water mist will condense into water droplets Sputtering out adds unnecessary workload to daily life, and the effect is very significant in shower rooms with silicone water retaining strips. Silicone will form a simple waterproof system with aluminum alloy parts. Silicone attached to the aluminum alloy will block The flow of water or mist prevents overflow, so that the water in the shower room will be splashed or condensed because of the barrier of the silicone water retaining strip to achieve the effect of blocking water in the shower room. This is a relatively simple waterproof barrier Function, generally use conventional ordinary glue to make silicone water retaining strips because its entire structure is not particularly strict. Another kind of silicone water retaining strip is quite tight, that is, the representative product of lamp seal is the silicone water retaining strip of wall washer. The whole waterproof system is more rigorous and is divided into die casting (shell), lens, silica gel, Sealing materials and other components, here is the secret of the total performance of silica gel (compression permanent change). This is a relatively important factor in the silicone water retaining strip. Most companies will ignore it. If the silicone water retaining strip of the wall washer uses high-density silica gel The waterproof effect of the foaming process will be far greater than that of ordinary silica gel. This is because the compression of the foaming process is permanent. When the entire structural waterproof system starts to operate, the lens will press the silicone water retaining strip (the more precise the better). The foamed silica gel retains water The strip will shrink using its permanent compression (the area of ​​its waterproof structure does not shrink) and then cooperate with each other through the waterproof system of the entire structure. Its waterproof level can even reach IP67~IP68. The structure of the silicone water retaining strip of the wall washer and even the entire waterproof The system structure is relatively precise, so that the whole product can be used normally in the water depth of several meters. It is estimated that it is a bit hanging when using other processes or ordinary silicone water retaining strips.
  The summary is that the silicone water retaining strip can be waterproof, and it is waterproof under the normal conditions of the entire waterproof system. In addition, the silicone water-retaining strip can effectively prevent internal problems of the product in addition to blocking water, fog, and erosion from the outside world. For example, the high-temperature-resistant silicone water-retaining strip can be sealed and waterproof, and can also have the effect of high temperature resistance, and some flame-retardant silicone The water-retaining strip can effectively reduce the fire and radiation of internal electronic components. It can be seen that the silicone water-retaining strip is a multi-functional and multi-purpose sealing product, which can be applied to various products and environments.
The physical picture of the sample of the silicone water retaining strip in the shower room is as follows: The physical picture of the sample of the foamed silicone water retaining strip for the wall washer: more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality silicone water retaining strip