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Not all foam silicone hoses can pass the food grade

  The foamed silicone tube is extruded by vulcanizing agent + foaming agent. Most of the industrial-grade foamed silicone tubes on the market are food-grade, because many customers cannot judge whether the product is food-grade or industrial-grade, and not all foams The products are all food-grade, and food-grade is a conclusion drawn by a third-party testing agency. If the supplier cannot provide the product food-grade foamed silicone tube test report, how can he prove it? It should start from the surface of the product, process, testing, and use fields, and all of them are indispensable. It is not particularly difficult for you to do it yourself.
  Industrial-grade foam tubes have the following characteristics: 1. Please look carefully at the surface of industrial-grade foam tubes, there will be slight white particles, especially on black products, which cannot be wiped with alcohol or white electric oil . Second, the industrial-grade foamed silicone tube will have a slight odor because it is made by the double-two-fourth vulcanization process (it can be slightly reduced by adding sulfur twice, but it cannot be removed)
2. The process of industrial-grade foamed silicone tube can be extruded to produce unlimited length. As long as the machine is adjusted to 1000 meters, it can be extruded at one time. At first glance, its inner diameter will not be very round, and it will be slightly crooked.
3. Testing: Food-grade test reports are divided into "silicone raw material food-grade report" and "foamed silicone tube food-grade report". The two are different and cannot be mixed together. "Silicone raw material food-grade report" can only prove the product The raw materials meet the requirements, then the extruded product of raw materials + auxiliary materials + vulcanizing agent is another kind of "foamed silicone tube food grade report". Only the combination of the two can prove that the foamed silicone tube is food grade. One is the raw material report and the other is the product report.
4. Fields of use: Each product has its own unique advantages. Industrial-grade foam tubes are mostly used in high-temperature resistant fields, industrial fields, and mechanical equipment fields.
The physical picture of the industrial-grade foamed silicone tube is as follows (look carefully at the surface):
  Food-grade foamed silicone tube : 1. The surface of the product is very clean, no matter how you look at it, there will be no particles. It is made of platinum vulcanization, so the product will not have any smell. After the second sulfuration, it can be completely odorless.
2. The production process of food-grade foamed silicone tube is different from that of industrial grade. It needs to filter a layer of oily material after extrusion. The inner tube will stick to water droplets, and then the water droplets after passing through the high-temperature drying tunnel will be evaporated to form high temperature. Therefore, it cannot be infinitely long in terms of craftsmanship. Generally, the staff will cut them at a length of 3 to 5 meters, so if your product is infinitely long, it will not be food grade. Please note .
3. Inspection: Our food-grade foamed silicone tube has passed the US food safety inspection certification, which is commonly known as FDA.
4. Fields of use: Food-grade foamed silicone tubes are mostly used in sports machinery, mother-infant protection, etc., such as baby stroller anti-collision sheaths, which are produced with food-grade technology because they are worried about children eating by mistake. For example, bicycle foamed silicone handles can be processed in a variety of ways because food-grade foamed silicone tubes can meet the comfort of people's cycling arms.
Food-grade foamed silicone tube product physical picture is as follows (look carefully at the surface): (Attachment: Food-grade test report) With more than 20 years of production management experience, we insist on providing customers with high-quality foamed silicone tube